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Saturday, April 11, 2015

About Jesus, Just Because...

This is a poem I wrote a few years ago about Jesus,
entitled simply "Jesus."


I’m in His hand, tucked under His wing,
Because I can’t stand any longer.
He’ll hold me here, where I’m safe from fear;
Giving strength to make me stronger.

He holds me in the palm of His hand,
Giving comfort while I’m crying.
He gives me help for one more step
When I get so tired of trying.

I’m in His hand, and under His wing,
When my soul is simply shattered.
He holds me near, His voice I hear,
'Til my heart doesn’t feel as tattered.

His hand firmly placed me under His wing,
Without Him, where would I be?
He dries my tears, calms my fears,
And I'll serve Him devotedly.

These photos are "Just Because...." 

Just Because photo Just Because 6_zps5hq4aglb.jpg
Just because I really liked it.
Just Because photo Just Because 5_zpsuwqwl0ku.jpg
Just because they are pretty (UNA)
Just Because photo Just Because 2_zpsn8ibbuik.jpg
Just because it was there. 
Just Because photo Just Because 3_zpszhci9res.jpg
Just because I love butterflies.
Just Because photo Just Because 1_zpssup5m1yc.jpg
Just because I was playing around
with some flowers someone left behind.
Just Because photo Just Because 4_zpsi64exyh6.jpg
Just because it was the beginning of spring.


  1. Loved all your pictures "Just because"

    Such a beautiful poem you wrote! I could see this as a worship song :)


  2. This poem has touched me..... and I was comforted, imagining being held in His hand. Thank you for sharing it today!

  3. Really nice poem, I liked your pictures too. Very colorful!
    Shawn from Laughing at Life 2

  4. Ahh. That poem is certainly exactly right for me right now. Thanks for that.

    The pictures are also wonderful. As always. The flowers left behind. Sometimes I feel just like that... Eh. Now I'm crying again.

  5. What a beautiful, and very full of emotion poem. I loved it. Would you mind if I copied it, to keep it for reflection? As always your pictures are breathtaking.

  6. Thank you for sharing your 'Jesus' poem, and 'just because' photos--so pretty.
    Visiting from the A-Z and new follower here. (love your cheerful banner :)
    Inventions by Women A-Z


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