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Friday, April 10, 2015

About Integrity, Ice, Irises and Iron Skillets

Integrity is being honest and having strong moral principles, being just and upright. It’s not okay to tell “little white lies” any more than it is acceptable to take things that don’t belong to you, no matter how small, such as a box of paperclips from work. 

It makes me ill to have anything about this man on my blog, but he is an example of a man with a complete lack of integrity. The saddest thing of all is that people have excused such behavior so long that it has become the norm and very few bat an eye when elected officials lie to them.

I hope and pray voters chose much, much wiser in the next election.

'nuff about him.

My mom used an iron skillet when we were kids.   There is no better cornbread than when it comes from an iron skillet!  Fried chicken, bacon, hamburgers...there was a lot of good southern frying going on in mom's skillet.

We always washed the skillet like any other pan, we just put it in the sink and washed it.   Some time ago, a coworker was talking about her husband breaking the iron skillet by putting it in water.   I wanted to argue with her because I couldn't see how that could have possibly happened!  I've dunked many a cast iron skillet in my day and they are all still intact.   I still can't understand how a skillet can take the really high heat but will break in water?  Somebody 'splain it to me!

How do you clean your iron skillet?

Loretto, TN Ice Storm a couple of years ago.... Photobucket
It was breath-taking.
Icy Beauty
This is my favorite Iris...ever.    It was perfect.
Iris photo Iris2_zpsljnyrcrf.jpg
More irises


  1. Beautiful Iris pictures. I have those double purple ones in my yard that hopefully will be blooming in the next month. Iron skillet, never liked cooking with them. Everything always stuck for me, the skillet never seem cleaned because you're not suppose to put in water. You're suppose to wipe them out ...season it when you first get it and avoid soap and water. I've heard that over and over and in fact think the directions said that. I ended up throwing mine out. As for the voting...not much to pick from, I think the whole system is in need of re-tooling. Being a politican was never suppose to be a job for life. It was suppose to be about service.

    Sandy at Bridge and Beyond

  2. This reminds me, I WANT an iron skillet! The last time I recall having had one (1977?) my mother-in-law informed me I should have seasoned it. No doubt appalled by the blank look on my face, she said, “Never mind, I’ll do it myself.”

    But in answer to your question, I remember my mother just sticking it in the kitchen sink right along with our other dirty pots and pans.

  3. Such pretty flowers :) We have several iron skillets and hubby washes them with soap/water in the sink. I sure hope we get people of integrity the next time around in our voting!


  4. Yes, I believe the newer "Iron Skillets" could break after being exposed to high temps & put in water for one reason, they are cheaply made, Not 100% Cast Iron, very thin & light pans mostly made in China. These skillets even have visible seams in some products. It's possible a weak seam caused her husband's pan to break.

    The heavy iron skillet you & I had to wash in soap and water as kids were the same "pre-seasoned" skillets our Great-grandmother's handed down to us. It took both arms to handle those heavy skillets. I still had to use both arms to hold them when cooking and we would never cook cornbread in anything else. My skillets are at least 150 years old, in excellent condition, very thick ,& VERY Heavy. My Great-grandmother was a little girl during the Civil War & passed down stories of hiding food from the Yankees. Thank Goodness they didn't steal the skillets.
    My Grandmother would be 115 in August of this year. She gave birth to twins in her rooms in her home with only her mom to help!!! Those Southern Belles were tough & so was their cookware.

  5. My Grandmother gave birth to twins when she was in her (fourties), at home assisted only by her mom. Can you imagine how dangerous this was back then especially with twins.


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