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Monday, April 13, 2015

About Brothers, Kicks, Kilts and Kisses

I have two sisters and two brothers; I am the youngest.   My brothers and I are not as close as my sisters and me, and sometimes it's easy to forget that I am loved.  At my Aunt Margaret's funeral (who has the same name as me), my oldest brother, Kenny, told me that when our sister called to tell him about the accident, he thought it was me.   He choked up when he looked me in the eye and said, "When I thought it was you, I just didn't know what to say, so I wanted to tell you today that I love you."   He touched my heart that day, and oddly made me feel even more connected to my family.

If you have someone you've been meaning to call or visit, 
don't hesitate...go do it!  You won't be sorry.

Kick photo kick_zpsddw2uzty.jpg
Kicking Elephant
Kennedy photo Kennedy_zpsm1aizn1y.jpg
Kennedy Douglas Center for the Arts
(Florence, Alabama)
Kilt photo Kilt_zpsg5nwnmqc.jpg
Kilt (Mule Day Parade, Columbia, Tennessee)
Kiss photo kiss_zpsgovngcfd.jpg
A little kiss from me to you.
Tell the truth...wouldn't you run if that came toward you?


  1. Well, Margaret, what a pretty girl you are. :) I forgot how much younger you are than I am.

  2. Oh I love how you ended this (you can tell too you are dropping the pounds). That was a good picture you caught with the elephant kicking! Sweet what your brother said; they just show love differently than girls/sisters do :)



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