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Friday, March 13, 2015

A Blogging Commentary

Blog:  ˈblg, ˈbläg\   Function: noun  Etymology: short for Weblog  Date: 1999
a web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer; also : the contents of such a site.

When I started my first blog, AOL Journals had a nice blogging community that we called “J-Land.”  For some unknown reason (I have my theories) AOL decided to go a different route, and deleted the whole kit and caboodle.  J-Landers were dispersed throughout the web, and most of us lost connection.  I have often regretted not saving that original journal. 

When I first started blogging, it was because I wanted to write.   Then came the comment craze…it was so fun getting comments and feedback on what I had written!   The more I visited and commented on blogs, the more people came to visit me.  That’s how a blogging community works.  (Something the Christian Post would do well to learn, but that particular disappointment is a different post for a different day.) 

A long time ago, I noticed a phenomenon.   Many bloggers just wanted comments, and in order to get them, they would hit 100 or so blogs and say such things as, “Have a great day!”  or “Good Entry.”   Very generic things like that, or they would ask a question about something that you had thoroughly covered in the entry, so you knew without a doubt they weren’t reading, just fishing for comments.  Commenting is about real interaction, not just how many comments one can get back.  We all enjoy true feedback.  At least, I know I do.

Blogging…writing…is about expression.   A personal blog is a place where the author should be able to freely be herself (or himself).   I don’t always do that, I must admit.   A blog reflects the writer, their ideals, beliefs, morals and yes, biases.   Yet there are times I don’t say all I think for varied and obvious reasons.  Every now and then what I “really think” can get me into trouble. 

I don’t comment on all the blogs I read.  Usually the blogs I like tend to mirror my own beliefs and views; every now and again I keep up with someone who is vastly different than me, but still interesting, often interesting to me because their belief system is so different than mine.  At times, I comment my own feelings, more often, I don’t.  

We are approaching the April A to Z challenge, and I will be visiting a lot of blogs.  I’m not picky, really, but there are things will stop me from returning to a blog:

Excessive cursing:   I started to say “excessive and unnecessary” but I can’t really think of any necessary cursing, even if *I* get mad enough and let one slip.  
Bashing:   God bashing, denomination bashing, people bashing…
Blatant Rudeness:  There’s never an excuse.  I’m not talking about differing opinions; I’m talking about being plain rude.
Politics:   I’m not big on political blogs.   I even get tired of Chicks on the Right, and I usually (not always) agree with their points of view.
Stupidity:   I have a low tolerance.
Extremely poor grammar, spelling, punctuation, excessive typos:  My biases, I know.   And every time I bring it up, my post will have a glaring mistake.
Boring:   Loooongggg and boring entries…kinda like this one.  Of course, I realize that long and boring is in the opinion of the reader.  I’m too AADD to read stuff I don’t like, and often too AADD to read long entries about stuff I do like!
Lack of interaction:   If I ask a question or make a particularly insightful (in my own mind, that is) comment, or if I’ve commented on several entries and don’t get the courtesy of at least email, I probably won’t return.   I think that might be a little rude.  (I’m now trying to remember if I’ve ignored others on my own blog…unfortunately, it has probably happened, I am so…good at keeping up with myself.  NOT!)

I kinda sound picky after all, don't I?   What draws you to return to a blog...or makes you steer clear?
I hope your weekend is mostly sunny and completely peaceful!


  1. I do miss AOL journals; you are right, it was more personable there for some reason, maybe a smaller community?

    I call those comments you mention (those that follow 100 plus blogs and want lots of comments) "fly by" comments in that they just stop in, don't read, and leave something like "have a good day" or "have a good weekend" and you know that they didn't read what you wrote. I like to leave a comment that at least lets the writer know that I did take the time to read the words written.

    So totally agree about avoiding blogs that you mentioned above, had to laugh about the stupidity ones, LOL, but they are out there :)

    Time after time the A/Z higher ups stress keep posts short and simple. People don't heed that advice and then they wonder why they don't have a lot of visitors.

    I try to respond back to questions, not good at it as I should be and then sometimes I don't see the comment in my email, but on my blog and then there's no way to respond unless I respond on my blog and then who knows if the person will come back and check?

    I do plan to have a nice weekend; should be sunny and warm here :)


  2. I have to admit that sometimes when I have not commented on a blog in a long time but want them to know I am still reading and caring that I will give a generic comment if I am short on time....BUT I also dont have a 100 followers....only 8 on most days. :)

    1. Hey Becky! Good to see you....I hope you are doing well.

  3. Substance,.... a blog that has that makes me return to want to read it. Yours has that and I always look forward to your insights and views. From the old days,.... "Keep on truckin"

    1. Thanks, OB. You are so good to keep us informed of the local stuff. I read that whole Makeit up in March list, looking for folks I knew. Thankfully, I didn't find any. lolz

  4. Your third paragraph sure struck a nerve over here! It's nice to realize I'm not the only one who feels that way! Sometime I think I should give that person the benefit of the doubt; then again, no. I'd rather have one or two sincere comments, than a bushel of empty etiquette.

    What makes me want to stick around someone's blog? Realism ... even that which some might consider politically INcorrect gets me every time!

  5. We might be close to kindred spirits in blog land. I too blogged back on aol back in the day. Then had a blog on msnspaces I think it was called, then one who's name I can't remember lol...it was very cool though you could easily change your background daily, pick holidays etc it was really user friendly..long before blogspot was. When I first came to blogspot it was difficult to use if you didn't know to do things with codes...thankfully it improved. Like you, I like real interaction and agree you can easily pick up the fact someone didn't really read your blog. Some don't even bother to put anything about your post in their comments. Unlike you, I always leave a comment on a blog I read, seems to me to be the reason if I've taken the time to read why not. I never get as many comments back as I leave which does bother me, and seems rude. I believe people should reciprocate through visiting and leaving comments. I dislike people who read your blog in a reader and want to leave you an email instead of visiting your blog so have my blog set not to do that. I know its' quicker for them, but again........reciprocate is the name of the game. What makes me return...usually is a person who returns to mine, who writes things of interest. I like photo's in blogs and that's often the first thing that attracts me. Not hundreds in one post mind you, but at least one at the top of the blog post...it changes your eye. Example, I passed by one earlier that had a simi nude picture at the top of their post...I didn't read it, I moved on. I sometimes do the same if the blog has no picture to capture my interest and I scroll and the post goes on and on or says part I. Looking forward to meeting new bloggers as we gear up for the challenge.

    1. This is my third year, I believe, for the challenge. I like the banners and badges this year much better than the preceding years.

  6. Hmm. you got me to thinking.
    My tastes have shifted over the years. Gone thru similar phases. Now, I read very few blogs on a regular basis. I agree with most of your list, too, about ones you avoid. I think of one with excellent content, yet I finally got fed up with the coarse language. I felt like I was looking for dinner in a garbage can, and realized I would come away resenting it. So, I mostly quit reading, even though I still wish this person well on their journey to wholeness.

    I think like OB said, substance is number one. At 64 years old, I finally get it that I'm not immortal (at least not here on earth!). And I just don't want to waste time on "filler" posts. Or constantly negative, criticizing and fault-finding stuff that feels like you just had a ball and chain clamped onto your leg after you finished reading.

    You are intelligent and insightful, and have an interesting way with words. So, most of the time I enjoy reading here. You feel authentic to me. It feels like if you say it, it's really how you honestly feel, even though you might not say ALL you are thinking. I get that, too, and understand that.

    Well, gotta go. Thanks for a post that got me thinking. :-)

    oh, and you post lovely photos, too. I admit I'm on the "visual" side.

    1. You reminded me of a draft I've been waiting to publish..so I posted them today. I'm looking forward to spring because I need new pictures!!

      I guess no one needs to tell ALL they think, eh? lolz

  7. Certainly substance, but also grammar and, to a certain degree, punctuation. Having good writing form doesn't always insure accurate insights, but it usually is a very good indicator. I return to yours because you are 99% fair and unbiased!

    1. Ha! I think you may have a little more faith in me than I have in myself. Thanks! ☺

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