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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

About Lilies, Lions, Limbs and Lorikeets

People use the infamous internet "Like" button for a lot of things, and sometimes it's because we actually do like something.   Other times it's to end a long conversation, or to let someone know you've heard them.  There are times I wish blogger comments had "like" options because while I don't always have a lengthy reply, I did agree with what was said.  I don't click "like" on others' opinions that disagree with my own, even if I can see why they might feel that way.

I, like, do not like it when, like, someone is talking to me and the word like is in their first sentence, like, five times.

I wish real life had a "like" button...and a dislike one, too.   How about you?

Lorikeet photo Lorikeet_zpswidf33xq.jpg
Lorikeet (Nashville Zoo)
Lilies and Pads photo Water Lilies_zpso0dhmeho.jpg
Water Lilies and Pads (Huntsville Botanical Garden)
Limb photo limbs_zpsp5xuqyog.jpg
Limbs (Shiloh National Military Park)
Lion Display photo Lion Display UNA_zpsyvwkv5im.jpg
Lion Display (University of North Alabama)


  1. My son, who has a very responsible job at a small university, has developed the "like" habit when he talks. He'll be 40 in June. He says it's from being around college students so much. I told him it's a bad habit and he needs to stop it! Yeah, well, that was like spittin' in the wind. :}

    That bird is magnificent! God certainly does good work, doesn't He? :D


  2. That is interesting thought about real life having a like/dislike button. We should like our life more than dislike it, right? I think it is interesting how people will "like" something on Facebook that is a tragedy, like when someone reports a death or an accident, there will be likes there. Maybe instead of like people should take time to write a brief comment. Loved the bird, so colorful!


  3. Great idea to have a Like button for blogs. I think of it as an acknowledgement also. On FB it would be an appreciation for someones comment, or for a blog when, like you, I don't really have much to say, but like what I read, and want to let the person know I appreciate the post, or that I support their point of view. You should tell Blogspot to add that function to the blog's function. (yeah, like THAT'S gonna happen, ha ha).
    Been enjoying your photos! Todays fav: the lion statues.

  4. I can't get over how you are owing this alphabet challenge you're involved. Meaningful posts despite the challenges of sticking to a particular letter. Impressive.

  5. I think I posted something on FB a long while ago about feeling odd when hitting the 'like' button when someone shared bad news. I know (that) THEY know I meant it as a sort of silent hug or pat on the back, but I mentioned wishing we had more options than leaving a comment. (So far I haven't figured out how to stop receiving notifications when I leave a comment and then FB feels compelled to notify me anytime someone adds their two-cents.)

    Sorry for the long response! ... But it's nice knowing I'm not a Lone Ranger!


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