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Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Bridge

Found this image on John Paul Jackson's Facebook...it's perfect for this poem.

The Bridge

It was a harsh and stony pathway, 
Though I knew the way was straight.
It seemed so dark and hopeless, 
But I had to keep my faith.
Trudging up hills, 
Climbing rocks and ragged hedges;
It took all the strength I had 
Just to dodge the jagged edges.

Slipping down the mountainside, 
Voicing my complaint;
My strength was gone, my courage failed, 
I was fighting not to faint.
Sliding to the foot of the hill, 
The valley I then faced,
Tired and beaten, so weary and worn, 
How can I run this race?

If I stop to rest, will I give up and die? 
Will I make it on my own?
This path is my life, I can clearly see 
How I’ve reaped what I have sown.
Fighting to cross the waters now; 
A raging, evil tide,
“Help me, God! Please help me, God, 
Get to the other side!”

The fog began to lift in the midst of my despair,
I saw a bridge on up ahead,
Sweet answer to my prayer!
Warily I crossed,
For the water raged below;
How this bridge suddenly appeared,
I surely did not know!

Looking up I see the mountaintop,
Where Peace and Love abide;
Such great relief to have crossed the bridge,
And be on the other side!
Halfway up I turned and looked, 
And cried at what I saw.
My rugged bridge had been the Cross, 
Where Jesus bore it all.

The Sinks, Gatlinburg, TN


  1. Oh, my! That picture looks as tho it was made for your poem!

    It's a wonderful poem, too.

    The picture--BR, I actually felt myself start to hyperventilate just looking at it! Not good with crossing bridges on foot. Not good at all.

    But what a beautiful and full of meaning that particular bridge is. I'm going to scroll up hold on to the arms of my chair, and look at it again. :}


  2. As always, Meg, a wonderful poem! I love the picture too! Such a pretty area you live by!


    1. Thanks, Betty! I don't live near enough to Gatlinburg! It really should be in Alabama, and it would be perfect.

  3. Beautiful, important and timeless.

  4. Beautiful, just beautiful Margaret.


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