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Friday, June 13, 2014

It's Nothing Personal

In the words of Meg Ryan's character, Kathleen Kelley, in You’ve Got Mail, “What’s so wrong about being personal?  Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal.”    I’ve noticed that in this age of electronic devices, we are losing the desire, and possibly the ability, to be personal.    We can send email, text messages, tweet, update Facebook, and read blogs, and we never have to say a word to another person.    Personal conversation.    It’s becoming a lost art, going the way of the handwritten letter. 

While in Target recently, I passed people on the phone, some talking loudly, some not so obviously, but all in their own little world, taking up space where I needed to be while they were stopped and in the middle of a full gossip session.   While making my purchase, the person in front of me talked on her phone the whole time she was being checked out, hardly sparing a glace (much less a word) to the cashier.   The person behind me was also on the phone.  I was in the middle of two loud one-sided conversations.    It was rude to everyone within hearing range, and especially to the cashier…and yes, even to me.   

Then there are the folks with the hands free devices, walking around seemingly talking to themselves.   And the Blue Tooth pieces stuck on the ear?   Perhaps they could reconsider if their phone calls are really that important!   Can we leave our house without a cell phone?    I’ve gone back into my house (after locking it up) to get my phone when I’m only going 1.5 miles down the road!    (And I’d probably do it again.)

Since we live in a free country, they are free to talk on their phones, and I am free to think they are rude.  I rate a loud cell phone conversation (in a restaurant, store, or workplace..or any public place) right up there with being subjected to a glaring backside of someone who doesn’t realize that the waistline of their pants belongs on their hips, not their thighs! 

Maybe it’s just me, or my Southern upbringing, but if a person is doing a service for me, whether it's their job or not, they deserve the common courtesy to have me acknowledge them.   

This tame deer in Waterloo, AL, walked right up to the car
and sniffed my hand while I was trying to take his picture.
Flashback Friday, from my previous blog:
Originally posted May 19, 2010.


  1. This whole cell phone obsession is a major peeve of mine.

    Not only is what you described as annoying to me as it is to you, I get beyond annoyed at the number of cell phone orphans in our midst. Moms talking on their cell pones at the restaurant--as their 4 year old gazes across the table at them just riles me up something awful.

    I want to walk over there and say--or do--something. I have visions of myself going over and asking the child if she'd like to come and sit at my table! I wonder if the mom would even notice.

    I'll tell you, BR, if it wasn't for the fear of getting arrested for kidnapping, I'd do it!

    I've spent some time trying to think up something I could walk over and say, but haven't come up with anything that doesn't lend itself to the potential for a scene.. (I dislike scenes more than I dislike being fat!)

    Ack. sigh. Getting down off of that soapbox yet again. :}


    1. Oh, yes! I have posted before about those poor children trying their best to get Mom's or Dad's attention, only to be told repeatedly, "I'm on the PHONE!" like the phone is a lifeline. Beyond sad.

      I need to dig that other post up for next Friday's Flashback, sure do. Thanks, Deb....and don't get yourself thrown in prison.

  2. My #1 pet peeve = RUDENESS! And that's just plain rude. Ugh.

  3. That's why I refuse to be a "slave" to my cell phone. I don't take it unless I'm driving on my own and then I usually keep it in the van rather than carry it with me into the store, etc. I figured I got through until my early 40s without one and did just fine so I can run a quick errand, go to a movie, etc., without one and the world won't fall apart. (now if I was concerned about someone in the family health wise in a situation where I had to be immediately available, then of course I would carry it with me).


  4. I agree totally, especially regarding people talking on their phones whilst at the checkout and ignoring the cashier - as if they were robots. I'd like to see them talking on their phones and putting through their groceries at a self-serve checkout...


  5. You've Got Mail is one of my favorites. I watched it Sunday. I concur with the "personal" reference. I agree that conversation is officially dead. Next target, the English language. Of course, the Brits already think we Americans killed it centuries ago. :) Perhaps they are right.


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