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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Two Cent Tuesday

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Truth is truth, even if you water it down, twist it, or mangle it to suit your desires, in the end, truth will stand.

If you believe a lie, it has the ability to ruin your life.  Yes, it can be that powerful.

Even if no one else sees you act that way, God sees.  Chances are, someone else saw it, too.    

It really doesn’t hurt much to return your shopping buggy to the cart corral, or to pick up the item that fell off the shelf (even if you didn’t drop it) or ::::gasp!:::: instead of putting that item down where ever it was you changed your mind about it, take it back where it belongs! 

Taking pens, clips, stamps, note pads, or other gadgets (no matter how small) from the office is stealing.  The same goes for making long distance phone calls on the company dime.   I won’t even talk about extended lunches, excessive tardiness, or leaving early, and getting paid for it.

“The company dime” dates me a little.  It’s probably more like the company quarter these days.   (I am aware that many companies have “free” long distance, and I won’t bother to preach about gossiping on company time.)

Prices are going up, up, up, but my paycheck stays the same.   I am thankful to still have a paycheck.  

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  1. You know, abusing work time has always been something that irritates me. Not only because I would have to wait for the nurse to complete her personal chat and hang up the phone before I could do my job, but also because of the point you made here.

    The company is not paying their employees to make unnecessary personal phone calls or check their personal email or write on their blogs. We were there to the jobs we were paid to do--phone calls and surfing the net is for home.

    I think that conducting personal activity while at work not only lacks integrity, but it displeases God.

    Ah, well, another soap box episode...

    I've been praying for you and yours.


  2. That's a beautiful picture of a peacock. I have to admit in my younger days I did use the occasional stamp at work, but then realized I was stealing from the company and stopped doing so. The receptionist at son's work just got fired because during a period of slow work where she was supposed to call people to see if they wanted to come in to have their cars detailed, she was making a card for her boyfriend. I think she was a bit surprised when she got fired.



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