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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday's Thunder and Some Doodles

Dear Doctor:
“Oh, that’s just the prep, we haven’t started the procedure,” is not the desired answer to the question, “Is that the worst of it?”    Oh, and don’t tell me to relax while you are ‘assaulting’ me!

Dear Nurse:
That was no snap, and it wasn’t over in a snap.   Just so you know.  

Dear CoWorker:
From all appearances, you overstepped your authority and took something that didn’t belong to you.  I wonder if you’d care if you knew you made her cry?

Dear Grandmother:
Your five-year-old grandson made a typical kid mistake…children do like to experiement, it’s just part of growing and learning.   Please stop reminding him of it every five minutes, even two weeks after the fact.   He’s just little.

Dear Man in McDonalds:
If they see you coming and punch your order in before you say a word…you may need a little variety in your diet. 

Dear Rain:
I appreciate you, but you’ve worn out your welcome in these parts for now.  My cousin, Debbie,  in East Tennessee…she’s looking for you…go see her a while.   Come visit me again in a few weeks.

I realize these scans are not the best quality....but, I thought I'd share them anyway.   Just some jumbled doodles:

 photo UnderstandingDoodle_zps12c28c8c.jpg  photo ProverbsDoodle_zps0a1d5e04.jpg


  1. I always like your doodles; you are very talented! So I'm thinking you had a procedure one gets when one turns 50ish. Fun I am sure not. So true about the grandmother, lay off of the kid.


  2. So glad you're procedure from hell is over. Been praying.


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