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Sunday, April 13, 2014

About Karma and Keeping It Short

There’s no such thing.  It’s a Hindu term to counterfeit the Biblical truth of reaping and sowing. 

Our bodies make ketones when we break down fat for energy, instead of using carbohydrates.   Our stored fat will be used for energy if our diet does not contain a lot of carbs.  Keep in mind that we definitely do need some carbohydrates on a daily basis!   If you are considering low carb dieting, here’s a nice link for you to understand what you’re doing:   Kicking Carb Clutter

Keeping it short…
I like to say I have AADD…and I do exhibit several of the classic symptoms:  Procrastination, disorganization, not finishing things…yeah, I can relate to that.  I also have symptoms of dyslexia.  I think that’s why this blog format works so well for me.  However, I can get a little wordy, too.

 photo 2013AtoZColorfulTruck_zps1a71d9f5.jpg
Kona Ice Truck...very kool and kolorful
 photo Kangaroo.jpg
Kangaroos...my back yard.  No, no...the Nashville Zoo.  My backyard only seems like a zoo.
 photo ABCKoi.jpg
Koi...Memphis Botanic Garden
Shiloh Knotty Tree photo 20130504_75_zpsce7dc4cc.jpg
Knotty Tree, Shiloh National Military Park


  1. Definitely agree about karma; yep true we do need some carbs; and I was worried about you; hoping everything was okay since I hadn't seen a "K" yet. I like all the K pictures too!

    have a good restful Sunday!


  2. An interesting mix of topics on this one, and more great pics.


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