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Monday, April 14, 2014

About Traffic Laws and Lights Out

Traffic Laws
There are certain laws pertaining to traffic that every licensed driver should know.   (Unlicensed drivers, as well…one of those laws is that you have a license, but I digress from the point of my post.)

Lights Out or Flashing
One such uniform law is when approaching a traffic light that is flashing yellow, you should slow and go.  If it’s flashing red, you should stop and wait until it’s clear.  If it’s out, treat it as a four-way stop.  The only time these laws should not be heeded is if there is an individual (preferably a uniformed or vested person) directing traffic. 

Lord, Help Us…
Apparently, not even the police in the Shoals know that particular law.  But that’s not the only one they miss.  Take, for instance, that little law that says you must yield to pedestrians at a cross walk.  One local deputy sheriff nearly plowed a poor student down in the middle of the road.  He wasn’t on an emergency call, because he stopped a half block away at a red light.  I am fairly certain the man didn’t even notice the girl.   

 photo Lighthouse.jpg
Lighthouse (Orlando Florida)
Lilies photo 2013AtoZLilyCalla_zpse41d4eab.jpg
Pink Lilies
Lilies photo Lily-1_zps94cf9ca1.jpg
Red Lilies
 photo LeafBug.jpg
Leaf bug (Gatlinburg, Tennessee)

 photo ABCQueertree.jpg
 photo ABCNature.jpg
 photo SycamoreTree.jpg
...And more limbs


  1. once again, beautiful photos!

  2. Wonder if the officer was texting! A few weeks ago this car ran through a red light and a police man was in direct view of him, did he go after him? No. Makes me wonder if they do know the law indeed.

    Lillies are beautiful!



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