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Thursday, April 10, 2014

About Irritation and Irises

I was too irate last night to write a post.   Someone said something to me that I didn’t like, and I let it slide.  I had, after all, just gotten out of church.  Then, they expounded on it again, and I lost my cool.   I was annoyed about this a.m. too, but I got over it. 

Then, it irritated me that a single bacon biscuit with cheese and a regular drink costs more than a bacon egg and cheese biscuit combo with a  large drink.  Yeah, I know. 

And I have a headache, so I am a little ill.  I didn’t even read any morning Bible scripture.  That’s not really the best way for me to start my day.

I took some sinus meds, and hopefully my physical headache will go away, but I still must face the headaches of the day…and part of that is dealing with my own insolence because I like to sin.  Oh, yes, I said that.   If sin wasn’t a little gratifying at times, there’d be a lot less of it. 

I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow, on the J post.  I know you can hardly wait!

 photo WhiteIris2.jpg
 photo Iris4.jpg
 photo Iris.jpg
 photo IceForest6.jpg
After the Ice Storm (Southern Tennessee)
 photo IceForest3.jpg
Icy Branch


  1. Was it a particularly good church service? I have found after a great time with God, whether it be at church or through small group or home devotions, etc., then something might set me off, a word from someone, someone cutting me off in traffic, etc., and then it distracts me from what I had learned at church, etc., almost like the enemy scheming against the good of God; make sense? So if you come to recognize those patterns, it helps not to get irritated at the next event that happens; at least in my experience. Sorry about the headache, never fun to start the day that way.

    I know what you mean about the bargains in fast food; its almost like they are encouragng you to eat heavier than you want to eat.


    1. It does make sense...what doesn't make sense is when I get irritated, or what causes me to get that way! Arg. I am such a girl.

  2. Beautiful photos!

    And I'm not even going to comment on the wisdom of eating a bacon biscuit for breakfast, regardless of the price. You know, since I just had cream donuts for breakfast. :} I may need t order my extra wide casket now....


    1. You made me laugh out loud here at my desk. Yes, I thought the very same thing as I ordered it, but I consoled myself by ordering unsweet tea.

  3. It's irritating when things simmer inside like that, only to be let loose at the most inopportune moment. Suddenly we discover how ridiculous something is, and we might never have noticed otherwise. Still, I'm glad you found some lovely irises to make you feel better. The photos truly are stunning.

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