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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

About Happy, Hubby, and Hissy Fits

So, so happy Spring finally seems to be arriving!

I despise the storms that accompany season changes.

Where else but in Alabama would we have a Sherriff candidate named Augie Hendershot?  He looks well qualified.  I am pretty sure I will be voting for Rick Singleton, however. 

It appears more folks hated my floating cursor tails than liked it, so I hid it.   Actually, I removed it, but I needed an H word.

Ole Boy had out-patient surgery yesterday.  Bless him.  He’s uncomfortable this a.m.  Love that man!

Hissy Fit
The surgery center got well backed up yesterday.   I’m not sure what happened, but an ambulance was called for one patient.   Some little lady, who had an appointment even later than Hubby’s, decided she should be moved in front of everyone else because she had been waiting so long.   She had been waiting a good hour less than us, and there were folks there before we arrived.   I don’t know if I think it’s wise to pitch a fit when you will soon be unconscious and in the hand of those you are treating rudely.

 photo 2013AtoZHyacinth_zps3feb6c54.jpg
Hyacinth Macaws (Nashville, Tennessee Zoo)
Henbit photo 2013AtoZ-Henbit_zpsadd6dfe2.jpg
Henbit Weed (my back yard)
 photo XHeron.jpg
Great Blue Heron (Deibert Park, Florence, Alabama)
 photo Park-GreatBlueHeron-DeibertPark.jpg
Great Blue Heron (Deibert Park, Florence, Alabama)
 photo ABCRedShoulderedHawk.jpg
Hawk...my front yard!   Look out, Mr. Gibbs!!
On second thought, this one must not have been the one in my  yard...
I don't have wires in my front yard.
 photo Horses.jpg
Horses (Florence, Alabama)
 photo 20111030_259.jpg
Hike anyone?  Pretty place to do it!  Now, if I could just remember where it is. 
Chattanooga, I think.


  1. Love the pictures; especially of the hawk and herons! Hope Ole Boy makes a quick recovery! Had to laugh about the lady there with her "fit" and your comment about it. It probably was because she was hungry if she had to fast for her surgery. I think I would like ot take a hike on that last picture you posted. Very pretty there!


  2. Good post, and thank you for removing the snake-like cursor tails. Nice pics once again.

    1. You are welcome. I guess I won't try that again anytime soon! lol

  3. Another great post, my friend! Here's Hoping Hubby is Healing!

    1. He had a cataract removed...but in the process they scratched his cornea, and he has been in a lot of pain. Bless him.

  4. I'm very sorry to hear about Roger' s recent surgery. It truly is terrible that he is suffering even more pain than necessary due to a scratched cornea. Make sure you let everyone far and wide know that doctors name so he can be avoided in the future. There is to much undocumented medical negligence going on in doctors offices. One small mistake today could be a blinding mistake tomorrow. Please let Roger know that my family and I are praying for his healing relief.
    God Bless, Victoria

    1. Thank, Vicki. The doctor who performed the surgery is one of the best in the Shoals. I really don't know what happened. He is so much better this weekend.


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