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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

About God and Grapes and....

I don’t have much to say.    

So I will just show you some “G” photos…and tell you this:

God is great, and He’s good.   When I was a child, it bothered me that good and food didn’t rhyme while saying the little prayer before meals.   We even did that in school, if you can imagine that these days!  I often pronounced “food” to rhyme with “good” when reciting it back then. 

I’m a self-proclaimed poetess, you know.  

 photo VineyardGrapes.jpg
Grapes, Amber Falls Winery (Hampshire, Tennessee)
 photo GullsandGazebo.jpg
Gazebo, Deibert Park (Florence, Alabama)
 photo Gulls.jpg
Gulls, Deibert Park (Florence, Alabama)
 photo Flight3.jpg
Gull, Deibert Park, (Florence, Alabama)
 photo 2013AtoZ-Gatlinburg_zps1beab65f.jpg
Gatlinburg in the fall, y'all.   You know it's one of my favorite places to be!
 photo Mountains.jpg
Great Smoky Mountains


  1. For not having much to say, you sure said a lot in those pretty pictures! And yes, God is great and good! Our language really is weird for sure; you would think good and food should rhyme.


  2. So glad the moving thing is gone! I couldn't read your posts at all with it there. Couldn't comment either. Just left my poor vision completely ineffective.

    Love, love, love that picture of Gatlinburg in the fall!!!!!


  3. As a poet, that prayer often bothered me, too. Of course, there was always the one an uncle said, " Good bread, good meat, good Lord...let's eat!"


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