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Friday, September 18, 2015

Summer Woes

After a year and a half, I am finally able to reopen my Brown Recluse blog. It seriously needs an overhaul. What exactly I am going to do with it…or this one…I do not know. In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t blogged, or visited blogged, or been very sociable for months, now.

So, now that I have two blogs in which to write, 
we’ll see if I actually do…write.

This summer hasn’t been a particularly good one, though not bad enough really to complain. There are people who are dealing with real problems in this world, and for those I know personally (even if I never met you face to face) I am still praying for you and your precious family as you walk through your trial.

UNA Tulips.
I removed the background.
I like the effect that gave it
on the white page.
Back to the woes of summer…you may remember that it began with my dad’s quadruple bypass surgery. He’s doing great, and I am very thankful. The rest of the summer included dealing with my own chest pain, my being constantly worn out, a colonoscopy, an endoscopy, a couple of EKGs, a stress test, and an echocardiogram. Right before the endoscopy, my chest pain had become more pronounced. Afterwards, it was a constant ache. They told me I had esophageal spasms, but I worried it might be more than spasms. It's fun, spasms and tests.   You should try it sometime.

After not being able to speak to anyone after two phone calls to the gastroenterology office that performed the endoscopy, I called my regular doctor. I still don’t a satisfactory answer the chest pain, but the good news is I feel better and my chest pain is less frequent. I am convinced though, that in addition to whatever else it is, I do have spasms, but I think something else is going on, too, just not heart related, thankfully.

After all of that, I totaled my car. Both I and the other driver walked away without a scratch. My car, not so much. Like I said, it’s not been the best of summers, but yes I have much for which to be grateful.  Plus, I did have time for a quick Gatlinburg trip, and the weather was perfect for a car which had no air conditioning.   Yeah...the one I totaled.   It had an issue or two.
Cades Cove in the early morning fog


  1. 2015 summer will certainly go down as eventful in your books! Glad you walked away from the accident, though, both of you. Cars can always be replaced. Hoping the chest pains get less and less, glad to hear not heart related!


  2. . I had you in my feed and happened to notice you are back blogging. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  3. Aww, so sorry this has been one of "those" summers for you. Sheesh, usually we say it's been one of those "days"!! But I'm happy to read your Dad is doing well.

    Just wondering... do you also sometimes get food or pills "stuck" in your esophagus? Like it doesn't want to go all the way down? Well, hope you not only find some answers, but also solutions for it.

    I wonder why it is that these things seem to come in clusters?! Well, maybe it just feels that way.
    I'm glad you or the other driver weren't hurt. You are right, we always have SOMEthing we can feel thankful for (though I'll admit, sometimes I have to look reeaallly hard when I'm in a pout mood, ha ha).

  4. Sorry to hear you had such a time of it, glad you, your Dad and car are now better.


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