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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wednesday's Word

God’s people simply must come together and learn to lay aside our petty differences!  
Praying together is a good first step.

Time really is short. It’s not just “short” in the sense that Jesus is coming soon. I believe He is, but times have been dark before, and still He tarried. If Christians don’t come together and begin to pray, the days will quickly grow darker and darker. God’s people sit in world-induced lethargy as the darkness surrounds them, drowning while not even realizing they are sinking.   It is time for some serious praying and fasting.  Yes, fasting!

The hearts of God’s chosen are too easily distracted, getting caught in their own world, forgetting to help others, afraid to get involved in the lives the lost. But it is the job of the righteous to be a light to those in darkness. We cannot let darkness engulf the Church of the one true God – satan is at a fervor, working to destroy it, while Christians sit in a place of complicity…mingling with and even condoning sin until they are no longer apart from the world, but in the midst of it.

  • For God’s will in our own lives.
  • To be Christlike.
  • Wisdom to know what to say when needed, and when to keep our mouths shut.
  • To not have fear to be who God intends us to be.
As Christians, our goal should be to get closer to the source of light (Jesus, Himself) so that we are light in this dark world, so that those in darkness would be drawn to Christ’s light in us.

Committed Thought: It’s not our job to change people, that’s the job of the Holy Spirit.  Our job is to introduce them to Christ, and sometimes that simply means walking the walk.

Prayer:  (Psalm 119:9-11)
Lord, help me to cleanse my way by living according to Your word.   Help me to seek You with my whole heart, and not wander from Your commandments.  I will hide Your word in my heart that I might not sin against You.  


  1. So true that we need to come together and pray, pray, pray, and then pray some more :)


  2. It really is getting dark...it makes my heart hurt.

  3. Margaret, it's pretty clear that you've been eavesdropping on my conversations with the Lord this past week.

    I've been reading 2 Kings--the last half dozen or so chapters. Those chapters list all of the reasons God had finally decided to destroy Jerusalem and send the inhabitants into captivity in other lands. It repeatedly says things like, "the people worshipped God and served their own idols, also." Towards the ending chapters, it says that the last king listed "filled Jerusalem with innocent blood" and God would not relent and forgive.*

    I have been praying fervently for our country....and our country's Christians. That we would turn and serve God alone, leaving the world and our own idols.

    What you wrote at the beginning of this post has crossed my mind--almost word for word. Our time for this country to be rescued is diminishing rapidly. It may already be passed...

    Whether our country, as a whole, has passed the "forgiveness" point or not, Christians must get right and, as you say, step away from the world and be who we are meant to be. God will not forsake those who Jesus bought, but if we are to see those whom we care about saved, we have to put down the world's ways and serve God alone.

    Okay. Stepping out from behind the pulpit now--you said it better anyway. I just wanted you to know that the Holy Spirit has been putting the same sense of where we are in time and where we've (meaning Christians) gone wrong and the urgency that is upon us.

    *I guess I need to add this. As I read in 2 Kings, the story of the temple being repaired and the Word of the Covenant being found was told. The king (Josiah?) tore his garments when the book was read to him and he fervently sought God and made tremendous changes in Israel. Destroyed pagan temples and symbols of idolatry, drove out shrine prostitutes (male and female), banned mediums, etc.

    And God recognized his wholehearted devotion. BUT destruction and captivity was only delayed until after Josiah died. God refused to forgive the people. they had gone to far and when the innocent blood was shed with abandon, it was over. god said,"Enough."

    We, Christians, can rend our hearts, remove the idols, and serve God wholeheartedly--with great benefit to those around us now. The people who lived during Josiah's reign turned back to God and had peace during decades of their life. Even tho the country had gone too far.

    When the new kings "did evil in the sight of the Lord" all of that ended. We have a space in time to do right. It is short.


  4. This is one of my favorite posts, if not the best Holy Spirit inspired message you have written. Im afraid Christians are going to have to stand stronger during these times as Christians around the world are persecuted & murdered for their belief in Jesus and as the USA continues to murder innocent blood thru abortion daily. This nation & this world has alot to ask forgiveness of and the combined prayers of God's people are the place to start. Im glad i found your new domain!!!!! I count on your fellow Christian Wisdom & support in my daily life. Onward Christian Warriors!!!pray!!!!!! Blessings, Victoria


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