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Friday, June 12, 2015

My Dad...A Very Hard Man

With Granddaughter, LesLee
All his life, Daddy has been a hard man.

Hard working…he worked the midnight shift at Reynolds Metals, a hot, dirty job, about which I never once heard him complain. In the daylight hours, in addition to the odd money making venture like selling Amway or owning a gas station, he managed his accounting service…a business he kept going beginning of this year when he finally gave the last account up!

Hard-nosed…he could sniff out a cigarette I smoked two days before! He gave up smoking cold-turkey around 1970, and never wanted one again. He hated for me to pick that habit up.  (I gave it up long ago.)

Hard to get an answer…it was rare that Mom left us with Dad. Normally, she was right there being the best mom and housewife in the South, but on the rare occasion she did sneak way for a few minutes, when I asked for permission to go to a neighborhood friend’s house, Dad’s standard answer was, “Wait until your mother gets home and ask her.”

Hard to beat…I suppose all children think their dad is the strongest man in the world. Mine really was, and all who know him would agree.

An Ole Miss Fan
Roll Tide, anyway!

Hard hitting…he once stomped a wasp with his bare foot that had dared to land on my sister, who was screaming in sheer terror until he knocked it off of her and took care of the problem.

Hard hearted…as in not faint of heart. Dad ignored the raging storm outside. You know the kind, severe and tornado prone; I was scared, the trees were bending in the force of the wind, rain was blowing sideways, and I was wondering if we needed to take cover. His response was, “It’s a little windy, isn’t it?” He did not take cover. When we had a tornado passing overhead (complete with sirens blaring) he went outside to check it out. Somehow, I felt safe enough to go stand with him.

You’d have a hard time finding someone more dedicated to Jesus Christ, his Savior. It’s just the way he lives his life. He walks the walk and talks the talk. He’s read the Bible through over 40 times. Yes, over forty times!

Hard headed…he’s 81 years old. He can’t figure out that most 81 year old men don’t still play racquetball. 

With granddaughter LesLee
My precious Daddy…a rock in this world…will be having quadruple bypass surgery on Monday. He’s so calm and collected. He’s more perturbed about not playing racquetball while he recovers than he is about the blockages or the surgery. He’s so grounded in knowing he’ll be all right no matter what happens that he’s not scared at all.  I'm trying to not be scared.  My dad…a very hard act to follow. I sure love him.

In his youth


  1. Nicely done!! Prayers with him and you for Monday!!

  2. This had me boo hooing. Every word is true

  3. I loved reading every word of this sweet tribute! Adding my prayers - both for your dad and his surgeons.

  4. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family. This was a very nice tribute to a man that sounds like a fabulous father

  5. Your dad sounds like such a wonderful man. I was going to ask what was happening with his surgery but now I know. Have been praying. I think he will do just fine. Let us know!


    1. Thank you, Betty. I feel he will do fine, too...until I think about it too much. lol I have to trust God more, don't I?

  6. I've been praying for you and your dad daily. I intended to send you an email tomorrow asking about the MD visit. (I only knew it was sometime this week.)

    Do you know what time surgery will be on Monday?



    1. Thanks for your prayers, Deb. It means so much. His surgery is scheduled to begin at 8 a.m., and if no repairs to the aorta are needed (a possibility) they will most likely be done around 11.

  7. Treasure your Dad. Praying for him and the hands that perform his surgery.

    1. Thank you, Becky. I know you've had a hard road these last few years.

  8. My prayers are with your family, you, and your handsome dad!!! Your mom is gorgeous too!! I have seen pictures of them & heard so much about them, they are beautiful from the inside out!!!! Your dad is going to be feeling better once the surgery is done & back to Racketball. 81 is a number, youth is in the spirit and mind!!!!! He is in the best of hands, God our Father will watch over him!!!!

    Happy Father's Day to All the great Dad's out there especially yours!!!!!!! I will continue to keep him at the top of my prayer list.
    All my Love, Victoria

    1. Thank you, Vicki. It's a great comfort knowing he's in God's hands.

  9. What a treasure trove of "Dad memories". I will pray for your Dad and his surgery, and for you, too.


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