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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Fall Creek Falls Family Reunion

A few weekends ago, we had a family reunion in Fall Creek Falls, Tennessee.
(Click photos to enlarge)

It's a beautiful place, and we all agreed we'd like to go there again.

In addition to Fall Creek Falls, there is also Piney Falls.
L to R:  Ashton (making faces), Ole Boy, and Devon

This is all I could see of piney falls because....

I refused to walk across the suspension bridge.  I started across it, but quickly 
came to my senses and went back to the non-shaking/non-swaying ground.  
That's Devon in the distance.

Ole Boy, Ashton, and Devon in the background

The trail was lined with pretty flowers

Ashton....king of the rocks


It was a rugged trail

And rocky

At times, it was steep

Did I mention I was in flip flops?   Hiking boots would have
been better, but I didn't realize that until it was too late!

And finally, Cane Creek Falls

It was very nice seeing my extended family.   We don't get together nearly enough, and this time was just too short, plus not everyone was able to come.  When it comes to family, I am definitely blessed to have one of the very best.   


  1. Awesome pictures. How nice you got to spend time with family. Not sure sure how I'd feel about that bridge. If it was a short bridge I think I would have been alright...just really don't know. It looks beautiful there.

    1. Just looking at it, I said, "I can do that." But it moved way too much!! No way!

  2. ! Flip flops! :o Having climbed trails that look just like that in hiking boots, I can't imagine how the bottoms of your feet must ave felt! :o I know our son, who had on tennis shoes once, said the roots and rocks were "a little hard" on his feet.

    heh. You deserve an award...course, I can't say what the award would have written on it...

    And that bridge. Oh, my. I got heart palpitations and almost began to hyperventilate just looking at it. Really. I did. Even now, writing about it, I feel my heart rev back up.

    Saying that--> I wish I had been there! It looks beautiful and if you could make the hike in flip flops, I could make it in hiking boots! It's only been three weeks since we've been home from the smoky's and I'm already ready to go back.

    Loved the photos.


    1. I stepped about 3 feet onto it. Ole Boy and the boys were half across it and it was swaying and bouncing....I got off as quick as I could! Flip flops deserve an award! haha Like you, ain't saying exactly what kind of award. Fall Creek Falls is probably 3-4 hours from Gatlinburg. We may stop a night or two there on the annual Fall trip.

  3. Most excellent,... The bridge,... yeah I might have to pass too.

    1. It was such a long bridge....had it been shorter I MAY have attempted it, but only by myself! Everyone else would have to stay off while I crossed (and who can you trust these days? Certainly not two boys who are 11 and 12!! ) haha

  4. Such a pretty place for a reunion! I think I would have felt the same way about the bridge :)


    1. ...and I remember a day when I was the one causing the bounce. There's a suspension bridge in Rock City (Chattanooga) that I went over easy-peasy. I think age has a little to do with it; I now know I'm not immortal.

  5. I've lived in the Nashville area my entire life and have never seen the falls. I've driven past the exit on the interstate and still haven't stopped there! This makes me want to go.

    1. You should definitely go! I bet it is stunning in the fall...We'll probably make a trip there in October to see.


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