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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Vacation Tales....

On the way home from the Great Smoky Mountains yesterday, we made a "pit" stop for gas fill-up and restroom empty-out.   I was in one stall of a two stall restroom when I heard the the door open, and a female voice saying, "Come on in..." I then heard a male voice saying, "Is there anybody in here?" as he's yanking on my stall door!  With as much righteous dignity one can muster with their breeches down, I said, "YES! Someone is in here!!"   There was suddenly a moment of complete silence.   Then both sets of shoes went into the stall beside me.   Finally the man said, "Maybe I should leave."    Ya think?

I was a little creeped out.   I hung out a minute to see the chick who caused my momentary discomfort, but she hid out in her stall until she was sure I was gone.  (She had little feet.  I was pretty sure I could take her if I needed to.  Almost kidding.)

Here are a few of my over 500 photos...enjoy!

 photo 20141031_219_zpsd8b04abd.jpg
Found at Carver's Applehouse Orchard Store
Yeah, we bought some.

 photo 20141031_55_zpsb806a816.jpg
Scene in Highlands, NC
 photo 20141031_259_zps3353aede.jpg
Color on the Foothills Parkway
 photo 20141031_164_zps4a1df892.jpg
 photo 20141031_379_zps59f009bf.jpg
Roaring Forks Color
 photo 20141031_384_zpsaec77437.jpg
Roaring Forks

More photos to follow.... 


  1. Creepy bathroom story! I wonder what they had in mind...

    Beautiful picture.s, tho Nothing creepy about them! :D

    We're going down to Gaitlinburg a week from tomorrow. We're not expecting much to be left of the leaves, but that's okay. We have lots of leaves here in the foothills--it's the mountains we seek, and they'll still be there. (Bill's looking forward to seeing what the Smokies look like bare. Yes, he's a very strange man....)


    1. Even bare, the mountains are magnificent! After the snow, there may not be much in the way of leaves, but I am certain you won't be disappointed. You'll be there when Dollywood starts the Christmas shows. Well worth seeing!

  2. I liked all the pictures, but especially the one over the water! Very nice! Ick on the bathroom story. I think I would have waited outside the bathroom to see what she looked like.


  3. Is it possible he was helping her?? I can't use a restroom away from home anymore unless we can find one Jim can go in and help me up an' down. Then again, it would have been courteous to apologize to you with a tiny explanation if that were the case.
    Yeah, a little creepy otherwise.

    1. Helping? I don't think so...lolz. I think he was embarrassed, actually; I don't think she was, though.


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