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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fog and Time Changes

This time change puts my head in a fog!   It takes a minute to figure out what time it is because I can’t tell if the clock automatically updated or not….it did, but I didn’t think it did, and it felt like someone took my extra hour back.  I heard that an Alabama senator has drafted legislation to put a stop to DST in ‘Bama.  We’ll see how well that goes over.   I saw a Facebook post that just about sums it up: 

 photo IndianDST_zps328dfe18.jpg

Speaking of fog:
 photo 20141031_422_zps937348ec.jpg
Cades Cove.  We arrived right at sunrise.  
This is what met us...fog...and lots of it!

 photo 20141031_404_zpsa86024a5.jpg
I had never seen it quite this foggy in the Cove before.
 photo 20141031_419_zps575e6715.jpg
I'd like to tell you it was pretty...but I couldn't tell because of all the fog.

 photo 20141031_425_zpsf741e031.jpg
Oddly enough, some places were less foggy.

 photo 20141031_402_zps5e1a3402.jpg
The sign says "Do Not Touch, Feed, or Disturb Wildlife."  We couldn't even
see wildlife, much less worry about touching/feeding/disturbing any.

 photo 20141031_415-2_zpsb3992d4d.jpg
Does this spider web count as wildlife?  I didn't see the spider...

 photo 20141031_413-2_zps03486ace.jpg
The ONLY deer I saw in Cades Cove...normally we see many.
We certainly didn't see a bear. 


  1. I feel more tired this morning after getting an extra hour of sleep, LOL, but I'm sure we will adjust. I like the states that don't change and stay the same throughout the year. I think its easier on the body.

    I liked the fog pictures; it makes things a bit eerie :)

    Love the new look of your blog.


    1. Yes, we'll adjust, but it wears me out doing it!!

      Thanks, Betty!

  2. Yes. Confusion reigns here, for sure. Now that we have this new-fangled convenience of clocks updating themselves...well, I'm more confused than ever...finding that I have to move from clock to clock to figure out which time is right, which I changed, which changed itself. ..which one was not changed at all. sighhhh. I'm glad you let me know that I'm not alone!

    And, yes, I'm not sure how making it get dark earlier in the afternoon helps me out at all!


    1. It never used to bother me, but these last few years, it messes me up!

  3. :o! Have you heard the weather report? There may have been fog when you were at Gaitlinburg --but now, there's 22 inches of snow! :o


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