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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Raise The Bar!

Was there ever a time when men didn’t swear in front of women,
and ladies didn’t swear at all? 

A society so concerned about “being dissed” has forgotten how disrespectful it is when they use vulgar language, unconcerned that small children or grandparents (or anyone else who may find it offensive) are nearby.  A woman who regularly drops the F bomb should remember that just because she has the freedom say it, she’ll look and sound like she knows what she is talking about if she spouts facts instead of profanity.

Ladies, I won’t apologize for saying you sound trashy when dropping the F bomb in public.   You do.  Men, you don’t look any better.  You may even be someone I love…you look a bit classless when your mouth is as putrid as a backed-up potty.  

Do you really think you are taken seriously when you are peppering your language with unnecessary profanity?  Your words will command a lot more respect and attention when you speak with authority instead of expletives.

Raise the bar!   If you have a platform, if you’re given an opportunity to make a difference, raise the bar!   Bring some style back into society.  The problem is that these words have become so commonplace, hearing them is the norm instead of the exception.  (Hollywood would be a "whole 'nother" blog post.)  Class is in the swirl headed toward the drain!   Don’t be careless with our culture; we are better than our profanity-laden dialogue would have one believe!  

If you can’t say what you want to say without profanity, think a little longer before speaking;  perhaps you really don’t have a point to make.

If you’re mad and spewing verbal abuse because someone has a differing opinion, cool down before you make your case.   You can stand your ground without invectives.  

Your language doesn’t make you win an argument, knowing what you’re talking about does.   There are times when you are 110% certain you are right, but you are not.  All the cussin’ in the world won’t change that. 
PS:  Don’t ask Ole Boy what happens around my house when I get really, really mad.


  1. So true that cuss/swear words are so common place these days. I would imagine we might even get to the point where they won't be "bleeped" our when said on TV on public channels.


  2. With so many words in our English language, it amazes me that people make up words and use such poor choices. I do not understand this at all. There are some that I have never used, and never will.


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