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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Storms and Flowers...

Common sense and sane people will tell me not to worry so much about these storms.  Fear speaks louder.  I do not like severe weather...and I have to pray a lot when these storms move in.   Last night during the severe weather, I was driving home from across town.  My daughter, LesLee, was driving the opposite direction with her four children.  The rain was so heavy I couldn't see very well.   Les came upon a downed tree (that covered the whole road), and was a little confused thinking she had taken a wrong turn and was at a dead end for a minute...the rain was that blinding!    In our defense, we didn't know we'd be driving in such bad conditions, or we would have stayed where we were a while longer!!  I prayed for the both of us all the way home, and we all arrived safely.   I am thankful that I know who is in control of the storms...so why am I so apprehensive?   Maybe some pretty flowers will take my mind off things...

Hunker down, y'all!

 photo MemorialAmplitheatre.jpg
UNA Memorial Amphitheater 
 photo PinkDogwood_zpse003424f.jpg
Pink Dogwood (UNA)
 photo 20130707_90_zps6a12d99b.jpg
Passion Flower (Davy Crockett Park, Lawrenceburg, TN)
 photo 20130707_16_zps1e633f9f.jpg
 Flowers on Monte Sano (Huntsville, Alabama)

 photo 20130707_48_zps9703d6d7.jpg
David Crockett Museum

     photo 20130707_47_zps5560c91e.jpg       


  1. Pretty flowers, indeed. :)

    It is scary to drive in heavy rain, especially if there's lightening and thunder going on, too.

    I guess the reason the phrase, "Fea not" is found so often in the Bible is because we fear frequently. It drives us to God--and that's a good thing.


    1. Especially at night! The glare/reflections just make things even worse. I do tend to pray more when I'm afraid. lolz

  2. Gorgeous flower photos!

    I'm not a fan of severe weather either. I once had an experience like your daughter - coming upon a downed tree in the middle of the road during floods of rain. My 3 year old shook her baby sister's shoulder and said "Wake up, Lia, it's time to pray." Made a good memory out of a bad time!

  3. Those flowers truly are pretty. We don't have the storms like you do but I do remember driving in snow and being petrified and terrified driving on snow and ice. So true who is in charge, we just need to continue to trust him more.


    1. I know I need to trust more...but sometimes I don't remember that I do not have to rely on myself.

  4. Beautiful flowers! But a fear of storms is not irrational. Stormy weather kills people...tornadoes, hurricanes, heavy winds... MOST storms aren't dangerous, but you should be aware and safe. This is why my husband wishes we had a house with a basement. (Hard to find in Nashville, where the soil is hard to dig so builders refuse.) At least we could sleep down there in a storm. My fear of roaches, crickets, and elevators? TOTALLY irrational. But fear of things that can actually hurt you is definitely rational!

    1. I love Nashville! Didn't realize there was a basement shortage there! haha (I side with your husband, sure wish I had a basement!)

      Even thought I dub myself "The Brown Recluse" I have a totally irrational fear of spiders. lolz


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