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Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Musings....

Time Flies
I can’t believe it’s about to hit the middle of June.   The year is half gone…wasn’t it just Christmas a few weeks ago?  I must have blinked.

Saturday morning I ordered unsweet tea in a drive through…a large…they gave me sweet tea.   I was blocks away when I took my first sip.   I drank the whole thing, and proceeded to eat my way through the weekend.  No excuses, Monday’s here.  It’s a do-better day week.
Political Squawk
Deception and blindness are running rampant in America.  Why else would the majority of Americans put up with our “leader” tell us bald face lies, circumventing the constitution to push his own agenda, blatantly breaking the law of the land, and even breaking the laws he signed?

We should definitely be praying for our government, but in the meantime, we do not have to remain silent as this administration obliterates freedom and devastates our country.   I would support impeachment.

Talking the Talk
I do not intend to monitor my words according to what this same majority deems as the correct or incorrect way to talk.  You shouldn’t either.  Having said that, we should never be careless with our words.  Choose to always stand for truth…the unadulterated, pure truth, not a watered down version which leans more toward compromise than righteousness, but don’t be prideful while doing so.

Prayer List to Not Forget
Unnamed others imprisoned for their faith…God knows the names and faces of each of them. 

Have a great week!


  1. I hate that about the sweet tea. It's happened to me before and let me tell you, that one item of sugar makes you crave sugar for the rest of the day. Ugh.

  2. Yep. That sugar awakens the binge monster, no doubt about it.

    Time. I was just thinking yesterday, as I was putting away some of Bill's flannel shirts, that we seemed to have gotten into June pretty quickly. Of course, nights are still chilly here. Fifties at night and Eighties during the day is confusing. :} At least, to me.

    As far as the gov't goes, it is clearly the end times. Pennsylvania, the last hold ouot in the northeast, has just legalized same sex marriage. Margaret, I can't tell you how conservative we are here in PA compared to other states near us--and, yet...

    Like I said, it's the end times.

    The only good news is that what used to be just normal lifestyles...just the way decent people lived...is now a startling, anti-culture example of Christian values. I hadn't realized that one of the reasons why we would become light in the darkness was because the darkness would become so much darker. (Although the Bible says it will, doesn't it?)

    Oh, BR, look what you did! Now I have to carefully climb down off of my soap box. wouldn't want to break a hip, you know.


    1. Stay on your soapbox just as long as you want, and if needed, you can borrow mine! Well said.

  3. I know, where has this year gone? The weekend is over, so forget the tea and the eating you probably didn't want to do and move on to the eating you will be doing this week, healthier for you and your body. I too would favor impeachment. I am terrible about praying for our leaders, but I am trying to be better praying for those you mentioned and those imprisioned for their faith.


    1. Betty, I sure don't pray for them like I should, and it's so important! I also pray for the eyes of the voters to be opened before each election. Scary times.


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