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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Whose Problem is it Anyway?

  • When a college such as Rutgers will pay Snooki $32,000 to speak about hair styles and hair spray, but cave to a small group of professors and students who oppose Condoleezza Rice speaking at graduation, America has a problem.
  • When the IRS, with the approval of the current administration,  targets conservative Americans, we have a problem.  I am really liking Trey Gowdy.  
  • When Americans are forced to pay higher insurance premiums for less and inferior coverage, we have a problem.  We have a bigger problem with insurance than we did before obamacare, and it keeps getting worse.
  • When our President blatantly lies to us and has no remorse when caught, we have a problem...no integrity in our government.   Let's not talk about how much money the first family spends on vacations alone.
  • When a young woman posts a video of herself having an abortion, and thinks she has "girl power" and it's "cool," we have a serious problem...we have brainwashed our children.  She has no clue the road she has just begun to walk...I may write an open letter and tell her what to expect.  I am not recommending you watch the video.  I didn't.
  • When we get bent out of shape because someone says "bossy" or "man up" or "nappy headed hoes," but will abide our elected representatives shamelessly joking about four Americans needlessly dying in Benghazi, we don't just have a problem, we are a problem.  


  1. I unfortunately watched the video. I wished I hadn't. I hope that this girl is in the minority.

  2. :o. I hadn't heard of the video abortion or the Newman tweet. Your reply was perfect.

    Maragaret, we certainly have a problem. And do you know what our beggest problem is? It's the fact that the majority--yes, the majority--of Americans fail to realize what sorry condition we are in, or what the consequences of our sinfulness will be.

    Now that I don't work full-time and am not on a college campus, I am often shocked by the reminders I see of how far we have fallen from the morals and beliefs of our founding fathers. Hah. How far we have slid from slid from our parents times is shocking.

    My last comment (You know, since this is a comment and not a post!) is how far our society's attitude has shifted r/t homosexuality. When we were kids, it was shocking, now its a right that should be applauded and admired.

    Reluctantly climbing off soap box now....


    1. sigh. Please ignore numerous typos. I was pretty wound up. :}

  3. I watched the video. You know, if you study her face after wards in her commentary when she says "I can make a life" she seems more ragged looking than when she had the abortion done. I wonder if she does have some affect from what she did but she would never want to admit that out loud or even to herself. Like regret. I don't know. She was definitely happy in the procedure room; looked different afterwards. I hope she is using birth control so she doesn't get in this predictament again.

    I think your tweet was appropriate. It is sad that that whole thing was handled the way it was and four fine men lost their lives because our leaders basically did nothing.


  4. I am sickened by the state of our liberal administration. Indeed, these travesties are byproducts. We are in fast moral decline. God save us.


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