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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Playing With TBR

I created a little spider
She's blue, not brown...
Because blue is much cuter!
I'll just call her TBR 
What do you think?  Does she need a web?

Years ago, my very first mammogram had a questionable spot, which resulted in several more tests and a visit with a surgeon before they finally decided it was nothing to worry about.
Today, I am told the questionable spot looks like it may have changed a little, so here we go again.   Another smash and an ultrasound on Thursday.
I knew this last chick wasn't smashing as hard as the other ones over the years.   Little did I know I should have asked for a tighter squeeze.  

I'll give you fair warning...this blog is under construction, and until I find the exact look I want, you may see changes.   And even when I find the look I like...I may still change it!


  1. Always good to get squished and get resquished if need be. I do like your little spider; I don't think it needs a web. I look forward to seeing how the bog gets reconstructed in the months ahead.

    Meg, Jesus

    (in my living the prayer life Bible study, the best prayer is just saying the name Jesus, since he has all authority)


  2. Please keep us posted. You are in my prayers, my friend. Hugs.

  3. I just can't imagine anyone wanting to change their blog look or title... Oh. Wait. Maybe I can. snicker. Have at it til it fits you.

    Re; mammogram. Many years ago, my gyne found what he considered to be an odd lump during a breast exam. (I knew that I had had it for years.) He ordered a mammogram, then an ultra sound. I was told that it was fine.

    Every time, which would be every couple of years or so, I went in for that breast exam, the MD would pause over that spot, calmly tell me there was something there that needed looked at. Repeat above process.

    A couple of years ago, when he passed over that spot, instead of the pause and calm statement of the need to check it--he stopped with a jerk, straightened up, almost gulped and said-THERE IS SOMETHING HERE THAT WE NEED TO HAVE LOOKED AT. He had his staff call to get me in for a mammo and US immediately (I walked from his office to the hospital next door right then) and he also had them schedule me to see a surgeon...for a lumpectomy

    My reaction was an internal, "Seriously? S'up with the drama? Ain't nothin new here."

    So, I had the tests completed, although this time they included the radiologist coming out to do his own breast exam just to make sure he got the right spot.

    I went to the surgeon a week later, who also did a breast exam. (I hadn't had that many hands on my breast in a week's time since college.) and said the lump was nothing to be concerned about. He went back and forth about the lumpectomy, saying that he was sure the lump was innocent... but since Dr. gyne was so concerned...and these things could turn... he'd just take it out to be safe. (By that time, I was beginning to get a little freaked out myself, so I was glad to have it removed.)

    I now have a dent you could fit your thumb in on my left boob, but the lump is gone and tested out to be negative of anything harmful. It seems that fat girls tend to be lumpy. (No kidding.)

    I'm thinking that you'll be given a clean report, too. Hopefully without the drama or the knife.


  4. Please keep us posted. ((hugs)) and prayers

  5. I'm so relieved that your doctor cleared you Margaret! I was praying for a negative mammogram and once again our prayers were answered!!!
    I like the Moody spider look without a web. She can be angry beside a political issue or even grow a little pair of wings besides a spiritual blog. Brown Recluse is a reflection of you, strong, passionate about important issues, a kind & thought-provoking Christian Blogger!!!

  6. I noticed I misread the info about your mammogram. You have to go again today, Thursday.
    You will be in my heart & prayers. I still have the up most confidence the Heavenly Father has already answered our prayers concerning this questionable area and has touched it with his healing hand!!! Pain reliever hint: Whenever I'm having a painful procedure, I mentally repeat the Lord's Prayer over & over. It really does take the edge off. God Bless!!!

  7. I hope all went well with your appointment - if it has already happened. Time zones and dates play havoc with keeping up across the pond.
    Keep on playing around with your blog. You have followers and as long as your well-written posts are easy to read, you will only increase those followers.


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