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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Fabulous Miss O

 photo MissO3_zps3790f6c0.jpg
She told me today she can't wait to go swimming!

 photo MissO2_zps62675104.jpg
Growing up way too fast!
 photo Olivia10_zps1fa1e732.jpg
Pretty in Pink
 photo Olivia5_zps21e06416.jpg
Beautiful Girl!
Miss Olivia is the youngest of my four grandchildren.  She's almost four, already!  I am not biased a'tall when I tell you she is one of the smartest and sweetest little girls ever!  (I also have two step-grandchildren!)  It's hard for me to believe how fast these little ones are growing up...far faster than their moms did! 

 photo Osprey.jpg
Osprey...that's not two..that's me playing with two shots of the same bird. 
I put him in the light fixture, too. 
Orange Daisies photo 2013AtoZOrangeDaisies_zps776a571a.jpg
Orange Daisies
 photo Whiteorchids.jpg
I love orchids...especially blue ones.  I have no shots of blue orchids
 photo OstrichEye.jpg
Orange eye
 photo 2013AtoZBeak-Ostridge_zps5cb76d58.jpg
Ostriches are just not pretty birds!


  1. She's adorable!! I can't believe she's almost 4 either! Time does go by way too fast! LOL, I also have osprey and orange on my O :)


  2. Oh my goodness, BR, your little Miss O reminds me of my youngest granddaughter!

    Kenna just turned 7 and I just can't believe how fast this time is going, either. It really does seem like she was in pre-school just last month....and now she's finishing up first grade.

    I don't think the moms and dads realize how fast it all goes. They're so much in the thick of things, you know? Oh, good grief. Now I'm getting teary-eyed. See what you do?


  3. How sweet Miss O's smile is!

    1. Thank you, Ann...of course, we think she's the sweetest thing ever! :)


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