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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

About Negativity

No Negativity Zone…
In my former blog, I once designated a day for No Negativity…which meant no whining and complaining or talking about other folks.   I think I may have had to be mostly silent that day!  I need to do that again and again until it’s the norm, not the exception.  

Not today...  
Yeah, I’ve already messed up that "No Negativity" thing today.

No One Will Know…
Sometimes we bloggers think that because we can hide behind a cloak of anonymity that it’s ok to say whatever we want, regardless of how it may hurt another person or a family.   (Some folks do a much better job of hiding than others.)  We should never forget that God knows who we are.

A Nasty Thing...
Addiction is a very terrible and very real thing.   There’s enough heartache for a family with an addict, they don’t need others to continually tear them down.  Keeping our mouths shut and our fingers still will go a long way of helping the situation, especially when there is no reason to keep bringing it up.

It's No Longer News…
When it happened months and years ago, it’s no longer news.  Even if you consider yourself a newsy kind of blogger, if you are still posting about it, you must have a purpose, and that purpose cannot be for anyone’s good.   If you are writing exaggerations and half-truths, you are malicious and slanderous.  Don't forget your integrity.  

No Nobility…
Nothing good can be gained by being purposely hurtful to others.  Take the noble road, and leave hurting people to mend from their mistakes and bad choices in peace.  

 photo RockSpringsTrail3.jpg
Natchez Trace Nature Trail (Rock Springs)
 photo RockSpringsTrail2.jpg
Natchez Trace Nature Trail (Rock Springs)
 photo RockSpringsTrail1.jpg
Natchez Trace Nature Trail (Rock Springs)
 photo RockSpringsSteppingStonesview.jpg
Natchez Trace Nature Trail (Rock Springs)
 photo LandandLandMasses.jpg
Nature Scene (Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountains)
I think I'll use this one as a background for a favorite Bible verse.


  1. I love that trail and that nature scene; I do hope you share the verse/picture on your blog down the road (S; scripture?)

    All great "N" thoughts; I need to focus more on gratitude and less on negativity myself.


  2. Good "Soul Food" to help me keep a good attitude today. Thanks

  3. I like your N list and photos! I especially like the idea of taking the "noble road."

  4. I followed a blog from down your way for a brief period of time. Brief because the posts went from writing about a just cause to having a vendetta. As t;he vendetta tone continued, I realized that the whole "just cause" thing was my personal misinterpretation ow what was going on and quit following.

    As a social worker by profession, it should be no suprise that I'm cause oriented. But punitive and mean-spirited? Not so much.

    Another A to Z writer wrote on negativity today. It's here,
    M. J. Joachim’s Writing Tips, in case you don't get her feed.


  5. A good positive post about something I work hard to avoid. The only thing in my life that is negative is one of the terminals on my car battery.
    Superb pictures with this post.

    1. Thank you! I am negative by nature, I think, and I have to fight it some days.


  7. I wrote about a similar topic in yesterday's post. It was about "How Other's See Me", and not being hurt or hurting others. It was an expansion on a post from last week, "I Am Not..."
    I am not sure if you read my blog or even have time, with the A-Z posts, but this one really connected. I agree.


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