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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

About Yelling and...some made up words.

Things that make me want to yell:  

It must be a means of escape for yokels disguised as celebrities who can’t handle the real issues of the day…so they think of words to ban.   Beyoncé wants “bossy” banned.   The latest expression to make the list is "man up.”  Of course, now I yearn to say both, uh-lot!    I can’t man up, but I can puff my chest out and woman up! (Y’all look out when I puff…you might get hurt…)

I am considering finding ways to interject “banned” words into my conversation. Is that bossy?   I hope so.    

Truth is, Yoncé, someone should ban your trashy yowling.  Even in my youthful rock ‘n roll days, I would not have liked your latest yibberish.  You certainly are not a role model for young ladies.  In fact, you are the new Queen of Raunch, and you definitely are in need of a partition.  Quite a disappointment, you are.

Speaking of yelling and puffed out chests…it’s that time again tomorrow... smashogram aka mammogram.   Now, that really makes me want to yell!

Opryland Hotel, February, 2012 photo OprylandHotelFlowers1.jpg
Yellow Pansies
Opryland Hotel, February, 2012 photo OprylandHotelFlowers2.jpg
More Yellow Pansies
 photo 2006Gatlinburg2.jpg
Yellow leaves....Great Smoky Mountains
Yellow and brown photo 2013AtoZYellow2_zps33737d3c.jpg
I don't know what these are...but they have yellow!
 photo sunflowers.jpg
 photo 2013AtoZBeak1_zps7276f831.jpg
Toucan...a zoo somewhere...
 photo BlackEyedSusan.jpg
Black-eyed Susan


  1. Well I don't want to be bossy and yell but it's important for every lady to have a mammogram at prescribed Times by her doctor. Every gentleman should man up and have an annual prostate check at time of physical. Cancer is one disease that should be banned off the list of incurable killers!!!!! Beyonce or what's her name, should keep her unwanted opinions to herself. Now what other job skills does she have besides showing herself in raunchy acts & flapping her trap amid a drug hazed mind? "Parents" buy tickets for their children to see that & then complain about out of control kids!!! Products of a secular society without a moral compass......

  2. Such vibrant yellow pictures today! Totally agree with your thoughts about Beyonce; sad that so many look up to her, why I don't know! Appropriate testing at the end of A/Z!


  3. I love love love yellow petunias and sunflowers!

    It's true: mammograms do make you want to yell!

  4. Stretching it a bit on the prose ... again, but hey, you've done so well all the way through; I'll let you off. Great pics as always.

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  6. Well, you said a lot here. I agree. Role models are so hard to come by. And most celebrities are just entertainers who don't live in the real world with the rest of us.


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