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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

About that Z

throughout this challenge, other than a couple or three photos of the kids, the shots I've shown were mine.   however, below you will see some spectacular photos from my sister, gina, from her zoo albums.   i'd tell which zoo for each pic, but the truth is, I can't remember.  zag-nap it!  

gina is a fantastic photographer, and she is the one who got me interested in taking a few shots...which has culminated into a few thousand photos!   (of course, for me, it seems like it takes a few thousand shots to get some good ones!  good thing it's all digital.) i am now in the thinking stages of buying a new camera.  we will have to wait and see if common sense prevails.   you will notice no capitalization for this post.   that is in honor of gina, because when she blogged some years ago, she didn't use capitalization, and often in her online albums, she still does not.  those closest to me will know what a challenge this was.  

From the Zoo...
 photo GinasTiger_zps76dc99d4.jpg
He thinks he's the real king of the jungle...but no.
The Little Zoo That Could, Gulf Shores, AL
 photo GinasLorikeet_zps6e51d311.jpg
Lorikeet, Nashville Zoo
 photo GinasFlamingos_zpsb3a79c42.jpg
Dueling Flamingos
 photo GinasMacaw_zpsc56c257b.jpg
Hyacinth Macaws
 photo GinasLemurs_zps12547dbe.jpg
Lemurs and reflection
The Little Zoo That Could, Gulf Shores
 photo GinasGiraffe_zps7f9901ea.jpg
 photo GinasPelican_zpsa519b804.jpg
And that, my friends, completes the April A to Z Challenge for 2014!  
I don't supppose it could have come at a better time...I was running out of letters!


  1. You made it! And just like the others, Z was a success! Nice post with beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing both: thoughts and pictures.

  2. Well done to you for the steady flow of good posts and the great photography that supported them. It's been tiring at times this month, but educational and fun too.

    1. I'm always happy to participate and happy when it's done!

  3. Stunning photos, simply stunning.

    1. She has a little better creative eye than I do. Thank you!

  4. I loved how you featured Gina's work here; you are right, she is a great photographer and I'm sure even a great sister! I love the pelican one.

    WTG, you finished and finished well!!! Very nicely done!!! Now sit back and relax until next year (which will be here sooner than we know :)


  5. Oh my, your sister Gina has taken fabulous photos!! Not the run of the mill type, but unusual, vivid, and makes me want to look over and over. Bravo!

  6. Congratulations on a challenge well conquered!!! Gina' s photo's are beautiful to behold!!! Nature's colors are so spectacular and bold. Gina caught the essence of each creature perfectly.
    Thank you again Margaret for using your wonderful writing & photogenic talents to always keep us entertained on your blog!!!! God Bless!!!!!


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