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Monday, April 21, 2014

About The Ridiculous and Rude...Really!

Someone should tell the preacher that not everyone likes to shake hands, and for sure not everyone likes to be hugged by folks they don’t know or don’t know well.  There’s a reason I’m dubbed “The Brown Recluse.”

Keeping a text message conversation going while having a face-to-face conversation with someone is ill-mannered.   Emergencies excepted.    

Repeated, Not Replenished
I have cheated…again…on this A to Z challenge.  Most of my photos were from last year’s challenge.   The winter has been too long, and I’ve not been able to replenish my photo stock.  At least one of the posts was an exact repeat, too. 

Who obeys the rules? 

Hanging a sign up in a place of business that says, “No Guns Allowed” is a special kind of stupid because they can’t figure out criminals do not obey the rules!       

Gun control will only work on the folks following the rules; so, again, it’s ridiculous to think take guns away from the good guys will stop the bad guys. 

Perhaps when we are offended by the truth, we should look within ourselves to find out the reason why we feel that way instead of deciding that we are prejudged and discriminated against.  Don’t look for ways to be offended.  People sure can get their tightie-whities wound up when it’s pointed out they couldn’t be more wrong.

 photo 2013AtoZFlowers2_zps709cabc8.jpg
Red tulips
 photo 2013AtoZDaisies_zpsb72a0dfb.jpg
Red Daisies
 photo Red.jpg
Red Lily
 photo Blooms5.jpg
Red azalea?  
Red Leaves photo 2013AtoZRedLeaves_zps92b2a8a9.jpg
Red leaves
 photo 2013AtoZBeak-Parrot_zps1d5192bf.jpg
Red parrot 


  1. Ohhh the hugs thing made me laugh. Griefshare is bad about that. The leaders want to hug everyone as they arrive and sometimes I dont want a hug.

    1. ...and I never want to shake hands, either. haha Some folks just don't get it!

  2. I have to ask. Why don't you want to shake hands? Is it a germ thing? Or a don't like to be touched thing?

    I'm curious because people often fend of an unwelcome hug by sticking out there hand for a shake. If you eschew the self-protection of the handshake, what are you left with to avoid said unwanted hug?

    The remaining options are leaving me with quite a visual.... Snicker. Like, you backing up, waving arms wildly and shouting, "NOOOOOO!" snicker. sorry.

    I had to get used to hugs by strangers. My family was not a touch/huggy group. And I am not overly demonstrative by nature, but after 35 years of traveling in Charismatic circles, I've loosened up quite a bit in that regard. I still find that I reflexively extend my hand, rather than attempt a hug. It's only when the other person is a hugger that I pull back my arm and go with it. shrug.

    The handshake thing may be more from 20 years in a professional job than lack of the hugging gene, tho. Who knows.

    I think Jesus liked to touch people, tho. (I know that neither one of us would scoot away from His hand.) I wonder if that's why hugging and touching is so prominent n some church circles.

    1. You had me laughing out loud! No, I don't shout "Noooo!" haha I sit down and rummage through my purse, or intently read the bulletin. Even then, some folks don't get it. I think most around me have it figured out. For the ones who don't, I suck it up and shake or hug. It's both a germ thing and a "please don't touch me" thing.

      Yeah, if Jesus touched me, I'd like that. ☺

    2. The searching the purse technique made meI remember that I used to get up and go to the bathroom during the meet and greet. :} Sometimes, I still do, but it's rare.

  3. I too chose many Rs, but in a different way. It must be hard to belong to organizations that are huggy, touchy feely an not be at ease with that. I agree that businesses should not advertise that they are vulnerable (no guns allowed) might mean they do not have one either. I believe that there needs to be more gun responsibility . I know people who own insane amounts and it cannot be good. Charlize Theron, recently convinced her friend Sean Penn to give up his many guns, because her own family tragedy may well have been avoided had there not been a weapon handy. I did not have an opinion on guns, until a pediatrician said we needed to discuss them with my son (then 4 or 5) citing it as the number one cause of death at his age in South Florida... I answered we are not 'gun people" the doctor responded, 'Deaths are usually at a friends house' there are responsible gun owners but there are also irresponsible non criminal gun owners. Visiting from #AtoZchallenge ☮Peace
    ☮ ღ ONE ℒℴνℯ

    ☼ Light ☼ visiting from

  4. I wouldn't know if you hd a repeat post from last year since I wasn't blogging at the time, so everything looks new and neat to me! I'm okay hugging since our church is a hug-hug type of church, but only if I'm familiar with the person, otherwise it just feels artificial, know what I mean?


  5. I am a hugger, but only if I know the person and that they are okay with it. I don't like to push myself on anyone. I agree with you on gun control. It is obvious! They have guns now illegally!

  6. A lot of good points raised in a relatively short post.


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