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Friday, April 4, 2014

About Doodles and Photography

What a damp start to this dawn...dark and dreary with storms.  I despise stormy weather!  I delayed writing my "D" post so long last night that I finally decided a doodle would just have to do.  Doodling is something I am always doing...you might say I delight in it.  So without further ado...

John 3:16 photo John3-16Doodle_zps43b288f9.jpg
John 3:16
 photo 0547c7ca-c964-439e-bfe3-dd4ba5fbb077_zps2efb27e8.jpg

 photo SunriseoverCadesCove.jpg
Dawn at Cade's Cove (Gatlinburg, TN)
 photo ABCDpic.jpg
Dragon Fly
 photo ABCHouse.jpg
The Old Darby Store...no long standing...
 photo Harrison-CheoahDam.jpg
Cheoah Dam in Deals Gap, NC   (This is the Dam Harrison Ford jumped from in Fugitive)
 photo Dam1.jpg
Wilson Dam


  1. What a beautiful sky over Wilson Dam And I loved the doodles. The lettering in the "I Am" one and those little roses are perfect. :)

    Have you ever had your doodles published? Maybe in your church's bulletin or newsletter the university paper? They'd make a wonderful addition. Ha, and then there's the church's promotional material...you know, like announcements for the women's retreat or Bible School, etc.

    Hmm. I hope you have been able to share those doodles. A Delightful talent, it is.


  2. I love your doodling! You are very talented; I see some type of ministry with it; just can't quite put it together in my head. Very nicely done! All great pictures of "D" too. That Darby Store I am sure had stories when it still stood!


  3. Another wonderful post! So "D"elightful, and beautiful pictures. Always a pleasure to visit here. Mary at Variety, the Spice of Life

  4. Wow. You never cease to amaze me. That second doodle is awesome! All of your work is, but I really love that one.

  5. Neat doodles and pictures - irritating moving graphic.


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