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Thursday, April 3, 2014

About Christianity and Collars

A Collar for Mr. Gibbs:
I shouldn’t even tell this!   Twice I have picked out a collar for Mr. Gibbs and draped it over the buggy seat bar (since it’s a C day, I should say “cart,” eh?)   And twice, I’ve left the collar draped across the bar at the store.   At least I didn’t pay for it.  If he ever gets loose, no one will know where he lives.   I really need to hang the ding dang collar somewhere else so I will get out of the store with it!

I am the master procrastinator; a great starter…it’s the finishing of a project that often gets me.  I am making a conscious effort to follow through with what I say I’m going to do.  It’s called integrity.  There’s so little of it these days.  I’ll cover that on the “I” day.

Christians have the weird idea that people need to “clean themselves up” and get saved.  I think that’s a little backwards.   We come as we are to Christ, allowing Him to “clean” us; that is, change us into what He wants us to be.  We can’t tell an addict to quit his addiction (whatever it is!) and come to Jesus.   We need to bring Jesus to them…and we can start by being Christ-like ourselves.  Stop yelling at fellow drivers, even the ones who cut you off.   Don’t be ugly to the cashier who short-changed you.   Leave a big tip for the server who messed up your order and brought you what you specifically asked NOT to have!   Hold the door open for someone.  Help people when you can, and when you see the need.  Smile a lot.  Never be guilty of shaming someone behind their back.  Make a real effort to be courteous.  (I’m going to get a mirror so that I can preach to myself!)       

 photo wheels2.jpg
Cannons, Shiloh National Military Park, Savannah, TN
Shiloh Markers and Squirrel photo 20130504_66_zps74154688.jpg
Cemetery Markers, Shiloh National Park, Savannah TN (Note the squirrel.)
 photo ABCCardinal.jpg
Cardinals, My Back Yard
 photo Cardinal.jpg
 photo ABCGrandCasino3.jpg
Casino, Tunica, Mississippi  (I never went back.)
 photo ABCGrandCasino.jpg
Casino...the first one I ever went it...I was a little dazzled by the lights and noise.
 photo ChristChapelColumns_zps3019061b.jpg
Columns, Christ Chapel Church, Florence, Alabama
Rock Spring Critter photo Critter_zpsd4b81747.jpg
Critter... Natchez Trace Parkway


  1. How neat to have those cardinals in your back yard. We don't have them here. I totally agree what you said about Christianity. Yes, find a way to remember to buy the collar! We don't want Mr. Gibbs lost!


  2. Ohhhhh! If God put it on your heart to reach one person with the Christianity statement , it is me when I am driving. I reluctantly tell you that I somewhat gave someone the bird today....I feel bad and need to change my road rage.

  3. Very well done. You have this A-Z posting under control. Excellent.

  4. did you really doodle those images? So beautiful! Love the Christianity paragraph. It's only once we've come to Christ that we see ourselves honestly. In that state of humility, God can transform us.

  5. Another good post Margaret, and great pictures once again. The cemetery reminded me of Oosterbeek, the War Cemetery in the Netherlands, near Arnheim (A Bridge Too Far).
    The lines of stones are laid out in lines of the Allied Powers' crew and paratroopers, aircraft by aircraft. It is such a sad sight, and I viewed it through the eyes of a serving soldier which made it even more poignant.
    Right, let's cheer up a bit - I'll be back tomorrow.


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