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Friday, March 28, 2014

About My New Blog

I have moved Margaret's Musings, aka "The Brown Recluse," to a brand new home, and changed the title and feel of it a little.   After much deliberation, I decided to stay with blogger; but for now, I will not have a custom domain...and most likely, never again will I have a custom domain with Google, who owns Blogspot.

After Google royally messed up Margaret's Musings, readers were no longer getting notifications, and other blogs who tagged posts of mine or have me on their blogroll now have broken links.  To say it's been an emotional roller coaster is understating it.   I have spent over 5 years of my life writing in that blog, and with over 100,000 hits, I felt as if someone was, perhaps, deriving a little enjoyment from my silly words.

With the 2014 A to Z challenge coming up beginning April 1, I felt that would be the perfect time to make the move.    Over the next few weeks, I will be adding some of my favorite pages/posts from M's Ms to this site.  I will add a page (tab, underneath the header) labeled The Brown Recluse and the entries will be added there.

I left the Blogger navigation bar (Navbar) at the top of the blog, which has a search option and a "Next Blog" option.  I cannot guarantee where clicking that button will take you!  

You'll notice the absence of the spider.  Never fear, she will be back.  I am just not sure where she will be placed, but she'll be here.

After a long pause in writing about losing weight, I'll give some updates and insight on that during the A to Z challenge...and admit openly that I have gained most of my weight back.   I'll talk about that, too.   I'll still share my photography, and hopefully, some of my own doodles, as well. 

So, here we have it...Committed Thoughts.    
Welcome to my head noise.

These photos make me long for summer even more.
It's been a long, hard winter.
 photo OldRailRoadBridge3_zps00a28fb3.jpg
The Bridge that leads to nowhere...or the middle of the Tennessee River!  Florence, Alabama
 photo TVANatureTrail1_zps1d2a1ff5.jpg
TVA Reservation, The Shoals
Pickwick Dam photo 20130504_180_zpsc86d095d.jpg
Pickwick Dam, which is in southwest Tennessee, but it the majority of its reservoirs are in Alabama
 photo 20130707_113_zps183f392e.jpg
Wilson Dam and the Renaissance Tower, Florence, Alabama
UNA Behind Bars photo UNAbehindbars_zps171943a3.jpg
University of North Alabama, Bibb Graves Hall (view from the Lion Habitat), Florence, Alabama
 photo 20130707_11_zpsfe3655ba.jpg
Huntsville, Alabama looking from atop Monte Sano


  1. beautiful photos and great new look!

  2. I like that bridge to nowhere picture. Good name for your new blog! Good idea to start afresh! Good luck with the A/Z challenge!


    1. Betty, it really does end in the middle of the river. It's blocked off on the top (where I snapped the picture), but underneath it is a boardwalk type bridge that goes out over the water. Very nice. I see you're doing the challenge, too. I'm excited to see what you have in store! I have not even started mine. ARG!!

    2. Mine is a simple theme; pictures from where we walk Koda. If it comes across your mind, say a prayer for that "idiot" son of mine. He walked in a little ago to help me shoot Koda (hubby working tonight) and right behind him was a figure from his past that I thought we got rid of. Oh well......


  3. You have truly heard!

    See what love the Father has bestowed on us that we may be called the children of God.
    1 John 3:1

  4. The 1 John 3:1 comment belongs under "Gnats & The Most High God".

    You are a talented photographer as well as a writer.

  5. I like your new blog and am sure it will do as well as the others! You are a witty and talented writer :)

  6. I am here! Yay! I am excited and looking forward to your posts! Welcome back! Hugs!


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