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Saturday, March 29, 2014

About Everyday Stuff

I habitually use, when speaking, bad grammar.   My particular bad word of choice is “ain’t.”   I think I will work on my choice of words and diction.    

I often say “you all” instead of “y’all” because my Aunt Sharon does that, and I admire how she speaks.
Ole Boy cracks me up by breaking into song at any given moment…he often changes the lyrics to suit the moment, such as while discussing what we need at the grocery store I mention cheese, and he breaks out with “Cheese release me, let me go... 

I have been told that I have the sense of humor of an adolescent male.   “Cheese release me…” reminds me of flatulence.  Fluffing, that is.   But don’t tell anyone I said that.

Chicks fluff.   Men lower sonic booms.

Did you ever notice that when someone says, “Don’t tell anyone, but…” they are fixing to do exactly what they are instructing you not to do? 

“Fixing to” is a perfectly good southern expression.  I probably won’t lose that word.  Probably won’t lose my southern accent either. 

I am apparently fond of “quotation marks” today.

I need a nice spring day to get out and get some new photography!   For now, I’ll have to again recycle some I took in the past.  

Railroad Bridge photo RailRoadBridge2_zps7f772fba.jpg
In my previous post, I posted a photo of this bridge from the top of it...this is the "boardwalk." 
Florence Harbor photo FlorenceHarbor_zps86407836.jpg
McFarland Bottoms/Florence Harbor (Florence Alabama)

Rock Spring Nature Trail photo RockSprings_zps1b8f469d.jpg
Rock Springs, Natchez Trace Parkway Nature Trail (The Shoals)

Swampy beaver dam at Rock Springs photo BeaverDam_zps34c5498c.jpg
Beaver Dam at Rock Springs, Natchez Trace Parkway Nature Trail (The Shoals)

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  1. It is really pretty where you live; I know I've said that before, but it is so pretty and green! I do hope a nice weather spring day comes along so you can enjoy it and be outside to snap some pictures! Got to love a man that is not afraid to burst out singing and has a sense of humor to change the words with the situation!



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