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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Top Ten Reasons to Ditch That Diet!

Dieting!  Dieting!   It’s just a bore!
I try and fail, then try some more.
Limited portions and watching fat,
Counting calories and things like that,
But all I ever really do
Is seem to gain a pound or two!

My Top Ten Reasons for Ditching That Diet:

  1. Being on a diet is like carrying around a 70-pound backpack full of loud little gremlins who are always poking you in the back and sides reminding you that “you can’t eat that!”  And you take it with you everywhere you go.
  2. You can’t relax at a party and enjoy socializing because you hear the party food talking in one ear (“Remember how good I taste!”) and the diet talking in the other ear (“Hahaha!!  You can’t eat that!”)
  3. You don’t enjoy a meal out with friends because your diet-mode brain churns the whole time.  Brain waves bounce from “Which entree is the safest choice?” to mentally berating yourself because you made a not-so-good decision.   The rest of the meal is spend having conversations in your head with every bite about how you get back on that diet tomorrow.
  4. Tomorrow rarely comes...

See the rest of the list on my web page In Quest of Truth...
see you there!

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