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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A to Z ~P~ Prayer, Patience and Perseverance

Wait on the Lord;
Be of good courage,
And He shall strengthen your heart;
Wait, I say, on the Lord!
Psalm 27:14

Does anyone like to wait?  Being patient is hard work!  But it's often during those times of learning patience when we find our greatest strength; a perseverance we didn't know we had.  Keep waiting and keep praying...God has a plan.

Portugal Church

Prague Church
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  1. I had an exercise in patience this week, LOL. I kind of failed it, but in the end I think it actually was an answer to prayer; perhaps though it was someone else's prayer that was answered and not mine. I'll be blogging about it after the challenge; it involves a fence :)


  2. Patience has always been hard for me. I'm even afraid to pray for it, because I don't want to be tested by it. ;) Know what I mean?

  3. Patience...the fruit I think we all avoid praying for. :-) But we need it, especially if we have dreams and goals (and unfinished novels?) that we're still working towards.
    Thanks for sharing, and Happy A to Zing!

  4. I never tire of hearing that ... "God has a plan!"

  5. Since beginning to follow you during the #Challenge, I am behind in reading your posts. Trying to visit as many others sites as possible. Looking forward to catching up soon. Enjoying what I am able to read. Thanks. I have added patience in my prayers for others who are ill knowing it takes time to let our bodies heal. Visiting on the letter R day where I have written about a hotel in Italy that I used in a second novel. Wish I were writing you from there rather than North Carolina. Having fun, however. Cheers.


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