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Friday, January 8, 2016

Keep On....

God is never too busy for us…
don't feel guilty about asking for help, even when there are catastrophes all around.

We have the God of Jacob for our help.  
Our hope is in the Lord our God, 
Who made heaven and earth, 
The sea and all that is in them; 
Who keeps truth forever, 
Executes justice for the oppressed, 
And freedom to the prisoner. 
(Psalm 146:5-7)


  1. Been wondering where you were!

    It's funny you said not to feel guilty. IAs I prayed this morning, I did have a moment of guilt. We are so fortunate in this country. While children and their parents are being purposely starved in Syria and malnutrition is a way of life (or death) for decades in some countries, here I am asking God to keep me from eating too much. Then, to add insult to injury, I watched Joyce Meyer's spot on her team bathing children who had never had a bath in their entire lives. Never.

    S0, yes, I did feel a bit of guilt. And, yes, you're absolutely right--God still wants to hear us and tend to us regardless of what else is going on around the world.

    And, to think, that so many in this country are turning away from the One Who has so blessed us--and trying to convince us that we are wrong for not joining them.

    Welcome back.


  2. I was feeling a bit guilty asking God to help us find a house when I realized how shallow that was compared to other's more pressing needs, but he does want us to bring it all to him. Glad to see you are back.


  3. Deb and Betty just echoed my thoughts! It is good, indeed, to see you back!


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