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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Great Smoky Mountain Family Reunion

Last weekend, Ole Boy and I trekked to my favorite place, 
the Great Smoky Mountains, for a family reunion.   We had
a most wonderful time spending time with his family.

This is only a few of the photos I took.
Believe it or not, I didn't get a lot of nature shots...
But I did get a few I'll share over the next few days.
Above:  Samara and Olivia (inset)

Above:  Grandson Sebastian Cale

Great nephews Adam (top) and Alex (bottom)

Ole Boy with daughter, Jenny, and brother, Ron

Nephew Ryan and his girls
Baby Ellie
Twins Lorelei and Amelia


  1. Family reunions are wonderful! Looked like a great spot to have one too! How is your dad doing?


    1. He is doing very well. He got to come home on Tuesday (after a short "stint" in rehab.) Thank you for all your prayers!

  2. Beautiful photos of a beautiful family. Glad to hear your dad is home!

  3. Love these family pictures with nature as a background!


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