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Thursday, July 9, 2015

About That Trust Thing...

Psalm 144:1-2
Blessed be the Lord my Rock,
Who trains my hands for war,
And my fingers for battle—
My lovingkindness and my fortress,
My high tower and my deliverer,
My shield and the One in whom I take refuge

In these dark days, the only light I have is the Lord Jesus Christ.  When I'm surrounded by a cruel world full of lies, I can rely on Jesus.  Trust in Him is my shield; it is my high tower of strength when I need refuge.  I need to learn to wear trust like armor; pick it up, put it on, sleep in it, bathe in it, swallow it, and keep it in my heart always.

It may not always be easy to trust what I can't see and can't always feel, but I choose to trust that He is in control!  Submitting to Him is how I find freedom in a world that wants to bind me, chain me, and keep me silent, because freedom comes from trust.

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  1. Amen, Sister!

    Over the past year or so, I have begun to substitute the word "trust" for the word "faith." Faith has been so corrupted over this past decade that it is almost a substitute for "getting what I want from God if fI just say the right words and am determined." IMHO, I think, these days, TRUST is a more accurate reflection of faith in God.

    Ha. You hit on a pet peeve...


    P.S. Still chuckling over that poor piggy. :} Such a clever little video.

  2. Amen! I think when we look at the Bible and see the words of it being true in what is happening today even though written so many years ago, it does help us to trust that God really is in control and knows what he is doing, though at times we may falter with our belief of it.


  3. Your second sentence certainly hit home (about my workdays). Funny isn't it, how one can be taught and have always known something or another .... but then, when you least expect it and read the Truth in black and white, its like a whole wonderful rediscovery!

  4. Years ago I heard a preacher say "If you're trusting you're not worrying; if you're worrying you're not trusting".

    It annoyed me then, sounding like the kind of catchy cliche we like to throw around. But... when you get right down to it, I have to admit the truth in it. I think you hit the nail on the head, in that even when we don't see or feel it, we choose to trust.

    Good word.


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