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Friday, May 8, 2015

Five Uncommitted Thoughts

What’s that you say?  What is The Friday Five?   
So glad you asked! 
It's just five...thoughts, or ideas, or random items, 
with a theme, without a theme...just 5.  Five!

  • If your dress can be mistaken as a skirted swimsuit, it may be too short.
  • If you are in the drive-through window at McDonalds, they can’t see you pointing at the menu.
  • If *I* am in the drive-through window at McDonalds, they can’t see me point. (After watching the lady in front of me do that and thinking it would make a nice “uncommitted thought,” I did the same thing. I had to giggle at myself.)
  • If I weren’t in the McDonald’s drive-through, I might be able to wear short dresses. I’m joking, don’t be scared…I won’t subject anyone to that. 
  • I can get mentally worn out at times scrolling through my Facebook wall.  I should (probably won’t) give it up completely.
What's your five?


  1. That McDonald's drive thru pointing thing was funny. Maybe they CAN see you...maybe there's a little camera there. It's been so many years since I've driven a car, I can't remember if I pointed or not. :}

  2. LOL with the FB wall; it can go quick if you don't have a lot of friends or friends that post a lot.


  3. McDonalds is the Walmart of fast foods,... just sayin :)

  4. OH, the love-hate relationship with facebook. I have it. I should also (and probably won't) give it up completely.


What are your thoughts?