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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

About Reds, Reflections, Roses and Roscoe

Between a new computer operating system and Photobucket that won't work, I almost didn't have a post today.   I was going to write about reflections and relatives; instead we'll just have photos.

Red photo Red Lilies_zpsjsvvt3iq.jpg
I have several pictures of these red lilies.  I love them!

red photo Red_zpsewzoyxko.jpg
The red flower from a canna lily

Red photo 956693a2-cfa2-44fa-92e1-8158b4c03327_zpsucaxfpey.jpg
Yes, I know it's maroon, but we'll call it "deep red."

Red Parrot photo parrot2_zpshy3pu9rg.jpg
Another shot of the red parrot

Reflection photo Reflections_zps3wfxdrcs.jpg
Reflections of water lilies
Reflection photo Reflection_zpside05wvu.jpg
Reflections of the green heron

Roscoe photo Roscoe Nose_zpsbfflzyrz.jpg
Roscoe and his big nose.  
Notice his green feet.  He was helping "Daddy" mow the lawn. 

Rose photo Rose_zpsglormkkx.jpg
Pink Rose...my co-worker received roses...I did not.   

Rusty photo Rusty Pipe_zpsjahpmwqv.jpg
Rusty Pipe


  1. Roscoe's green feet made me lol! :D Too funny.

    And, of course, magnificent photos.

    My son is getting me a new operating system for Mother's Day because I still have XP and more and more things are not working well. I am not looking forward to it. Learning a new OS has always made me cry (Reall. It does. Real tears. Sometimes sobbing.), but now that my vision is so bad, it will be soooo much worse.

    So, you have my sympathies.


    1. Well, it hasn't been as hard adapting as I feared. I went from VISTA (which I believe is as old as XP) so it was a bit of a change. I didn't cry, but I got a little frustrated a time or two.

      Best of luck with your change.

  2. Hi Roscoe! (He's soooo cute, Margaret!)
    I'm not even a flower person, but these photos are really amazing. Can't even fathom what they must look like in real life.

    Hope you'll give us a rain check for "reflections and relatives!"

    1. Thank you! I do appreciate your kind words.

      That Roscoe is funny looking! He's really long and has really short legs. Such a cartoon!

      I may write that post yet. ☺

  3. I agree with Myra, maybe we can get a rain check for reflections and relatives :) Roscoe is a cutie :)

    Your pictures are always so outstanding!


    1. I just may do it! Thank you for your kind words, Betty. ☺

  4. Haha! My dog must have gotten the word about green paws. Whenever my husband has mowed the lawn, she won't walk on it until it's settled for a while.

    1. Haha I wish mine had gotten the word about tar! That stuff is not easy to get out, I'll tell you! And I am still not sure where he found it to roll in it.

  5. LOVE all your flower pictures, even the dark red one. Hope you get things worked out with the new computer etc.

    1. I think I have a good enough understanding of Windows 8.1 to not toss the thing out of the window! lolz


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