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Saturday, April 18, 2015

About Parrots, Pansies, Pinks and Purples

I was going to write about political parties and how people vote.  I think looking at colorful photos are a whole lot more fun, don't you?

...because not many people want to hear that their chosen party/person is a really bad choice.

...generally, folks vote how they've always voted without consideration of whether or not the party has gone off the deep end.   Those parties ain't what they used to be.   I wonder if we'd be better off to have no parties, just people who care about our country getting together and coming up with a plan to cut spending, repeal bad laws, and overhaul government spending.

...and there are those people who will vote for ridiculously insane reasons, like gender, ethnicity, race, or because he or she is a Republican or a Democrat, or a member of the Tea or Libertarian parties.   Figure out what it is you want for America, then pinpoint the candidate who most closely lines up with your way of thinking, and cast your vote, even if you don't agree 100%.  You'll never agree with everything, and that's the way it should be.

Aren't you glad I didn't go on a political rant?

Red Parrot photo parrot_zpsknsw6tzn.jpg
Park Green Heron photo Park 1_zpsvjnvohpu.jpg
At the Park....Green Heron
Pigeon photo Pigeon_zpsjocgepfy.jpg
Pansies photo Flowers Yellow_zpsviip2oam.jpg
Pier - Broken photo Broken Pier2_zpsrlbqejp0.jpg
Broken Pier
Pink photo pink3_zpsurqwseml.jpg
Purple photo Purple_zpsugzoyvfh.jpg
Purple photo Purple3_zps6efqlrpf.jpg



  1. Awesome photos and a good chat on politics. I have never voted "just because" but there have been years I've wondered about the choices available.

  2. I didn't realize there were green herons! It will be interesting to see what the next year or so does with voting and candidates; I guess I should start praying about them.


  3. Beautiful photos with beautiful colors. :)

    Voting. Sigh. I'm going to let it go.... But next time you get out your soap box, make room for me.


  4. LOL...yes gorgeous pictures and nicer then politics, but right you are. I think as a general principle we as a country have outgrown the 2 party system. We are very diverse and no 2 parties can possible truly represent us. I think though we all refer to the Tea Party as a party, they aren't, they've taken over the Republican Party, so I think they should actually formulate their own party, at least that would be more honest ..I think. I also don't think people should be labeled as conservatives or liberals, because the extremism out there today is anything but conservative. And right you are people vote blindly. News is no longer news, you have the Fox-Conservative Variety Show, The CNN sometimes news, you have the other side sucks MSNBC news. I bet Walter Cronkite is rolling over in his grave. He just reported the news, note his personal opinion and he didn't make up stuff for ratings.....going backward on that would surely be a step forward.


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