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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

About Bubbles, Blue, Buds and Barns

Bleh!  One thing I've learned about Blogger is that you need to post the night before if you want the post to show up first thing in the morning on blog rolls.   At least I hope that's what happens.

Once upon a time, I decided that I'd make some extra money doing medical transcription.  I had experience doing legal transcription from my short tenure at the police department, but I didn't have medical terminology experience.   One of my first records to transcribe had a guy who needed a "below knee" cast.   I listened and listened, but could only make out that the guy needed a "bologna" cast.   As far as I know, that description still on his chart, because that's how I typed it, figuring it must have something to do with the color of the cast.  Not that bologna is a color, but at midnight after working all day and typing all night, you can rationalize anything.

 photo Devon Bubble_zps0xjfnyav.jpg
Devon blowing bubbles...he was such a tiny thing here.  
He's going to be 13 this year!
The bubble is a shot of the pond in Deibert Park
 photo Blue3_zpsih2dhhtg.jpg
Blue Flowers

 photo blue_zpslzjitofb.jpg
More blue flowers...
 photo Blue2_zpshasfj0n9.jpg
And Even More Blue Flowers
 photo Bud2_zpseou5fdw0.jpg
Peony Bud
 photo Barn_zpsqrwizz8p.jpg
Old Barn
 photo Barn2_zpssyz2ygom.jpg
Barn - Amish Community
 photo Butterfly5_zpsny2xfyr5.jpg
 photo Belle Mont 3_zpsgmnnrnam.jpg
Belle Mont Bedroom (Belle Mont Mansion
 photo Belle Mont 1_zpsnh2pwfro.jpg
Antique in the Belle Mont Mansion

And there we have it.... The B


  1. Beautifully designed and Beautiful photos!!!!!! Devon was such a cute little boy! Congrats on being 13 Devon!!!!!
    God Bless

  2. Belle Mont mansion is incredible looking! Bubbles are pretty much a summer pastime for kids!

  3. Beautiful blue flowers. I love watching kids blow bubbles, the two next door were outside just the other day doing it. As a former Med. Office Manager I had to laugh about your cast interpretation, but am surprised you would have been hired to do that, it's quite a skill and requires lots of background information. Course work is available or was...don't know how they do things now, been out of the field quite awhile. Though was in the field for 22+ years. You don't need to write your post the night before. You can write them well in advance and select the time and date you want them to be published. Robots that crawl typically do so around 6 am is what I've read, so I generally have my posts scheduled to publish at 5 or 530 am.

    1. I tried scheduling, but for some reason it didn't post. According to Blogger, there's something wrong with my Go Daddy settings. So I'm going to have to contact them to get it resolved, it appears.

      I got the transcription job because of WHO I knew, not what I knew...lolz you know how that works! That was a long time ago!

  4. Great pictures. Love the cast 'color.' That would not be very attractive. My daughter is 20 and still expects to get some bubbles in her Easter basket.

    1. Yes, it does kinda give you a visual you just don't want to have, doesn't it?

  5. Loved all of the pictures. Every single one! For reasons unknown t me, I have always been attracted to barn photos. Since I live in an area with lots...lots...of barns, you wouldn't think photos and paintings of them would hold all that much charm for me, but they do. And the blue flowers were stunning. And I collect pitchers. And just the other day, my grand-daughter stood on my porch blowing bubbles and looking sweet. :) Haha. And I'm shopping for a cherry wood bed frame. Yep, loved all of the photos.


    P.S. Just so you know, this post is still not up on my blog roll. I got to it by clicking the "Newer" post button at the bottom of "A:.

    1. I just love blue flowers! I'm glad you liked them all...kinda felt related to you, didn't they? lolz

  6. Loving that image of the pond in Devon's bubble! (Don't-cha think more adults would be happier if they took up bubble blowing?)

    That headboard is sure intriguing. Go figure, the first thing I thought is what a pain it would be to keep dusted!

  7. That sounds like something I would do! My dad once told me I needed to get around to it...I thought he meant a new closet. I pictured a lazy susan type spinning closet- a round tuit.

  8. Your blog doesn't show up on my blog roll. I see the notice on Facebook with it. Actually A showed up in the evening of April 1st and not sure if B is there, haven't really checked. Just remembered I hadn't visited you yesterday (sorry :)

    Can't believe Devon is going to be 13 this year! Wow time flies indeed!

    Your bologna cast always brings a smile to my face. If you were to have typed that for the company I work with and they had audited that report, it would have cost you 3 points and you would have failed the report (we start at 100% and then get points deducted for this or that. We need to maintain 99.5% accuracy).

    Always love your pictures, especially the barns here!



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