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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Patiently waiting for...

...The color of Spring, and Summer green!

 photo 20130707_110_zps14d0f7b9.jpg
David Crockett State Park, Lawrenceburg, TN

 photo 20130707_72_zps3b562878.jpg
 Covered Bridge, Crockett Park (Lawrenceburg, TN)

 photo 20130707_47_zps5560c91e.jpg  Buttonbush (Lawrenceburg, TN)

 photo MemorialAmplitheatre.jpg
UNA Memorial Amphitheater 
 photo PinkDogwood_zpse003424f.jpg
Pink Dogwood (UNA)

I hope there's enough color and bloom this month to get some great shots for the A to Z Challenge.   Have a beautiful Sunday....because Saturday is almost gone!


  1. You take such great pictures; there must be a gene that runs in your family to do so :)

    All great shots!! You too have a great Sunday!


  2. Snicker. A Z to Z Challenge is sure to be over pretty quickly...

    (It's that typo jinx from last post.)

    1. Argg! I knew it!! Dang me, that's what I get. Truth be told, I make lots of typos and fix them as I find them...but I am certain there are some I don't find.

    2. Considering the number of typos I find in my own posts, days after they've been published and I'm just rereading, I shouldn't tease you; and I wouldn't, of course, if you hadn't said you were going to make one because of your post. :}

      Typos in blogs used to bother me a lot...until my eyes failed and I started making so many in my own. :{ Funny how much more tolerant I've become now that I'm a mess in that regard, too. sighhhh.

  3. Thanks for the hope of Spring through your pictures. I always find life easier in Spring. Coming from a harsh winter area, Spring brings sunshine, warm temps for outdoor exercise, grilled, healthy meats and veggies and just all around happier people!

  4. Like I said you could be a pro photog! What type of camera do you use ?

    God Bless,


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