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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

April's Coming!

All those grandiose March “do-withouts” I’d planned?   I may have over-extended my limit.  I broke them all.  

After two weeks:
I weighed.  (A few times.)
I got on Facebook.  (For informational purposes…really.)
I ate sugar.   (Yep. More than once.)
I didn’t spend more time with Him.   (Regret this one.)

Anyway, my weight loss for the year is 33 pounds.   I can’t spend time dwelling on it.  I have to keep my focus NOT on the pounds, but on the journey…a journey to put Christ first and let all the other things fall into place.

Tomorrow starts the A to Z Challenge.  I know you are all waiting on the edge of your seats.   ::::snickerz:::

I have some Photos, some hodge-podge, and some odd Bible facts.   Who knows what else I may come up with?   I’m a little ahead of the schedule for once in my three years of doing this.  That makes things better for me.  It will probably make things better for you, too, if you plan to peek in every now and then.

Have a great Tuesday.

Don’t fall for any April Fool’s jokes tomorrow!


  1. Grandiose plans... I had to smile at that, thinking of the countless times I've made those very same kinds of plans and fell short. :-}

    But the one good consolation is, I always really DID learn some valuable stuff, once I got past the initial feeling of goofing up. And really, we DO need that "information" from FB, right? ;-)

    I hope your A to Z is a fun break for you. I know I always enjoy your photos.

    1. Why, shoot yeah, we need that information! Not that I found what I was looking for...

      Remarkably, I am not upset with myself for falling short of those grandiose plans. I've spent way too many years being upset with me. It is what it is, and hating on me does not help. I only regret that I didn't take the time I normally spent online and use it to get closer to the only One who can help me. I am so thankful that He is long suffering and patient.

      The A to Z? Yeah, I have no clue why I enjoy posting 26 out of 30 days this one month out of the year. lolz

      Thanks, Loretta! Always good to "see" you.

  2. Say, I think 33 lbs. in 3 months is pretty remarkable! Only mid-February did I get serious (sort of) about losing weight and it's disheartening I've only lost 10 lbs. in all this time. Little doubt, I need to take a page from you and focus on Christ vs. the scale.

    Looking forward to your A-Z Challenge!

  3. 33 pounds is pretty impressive! I haven't seen you on FB so I'm sure the information wasn't too time consuming :) Looking forward to A/Z, it is exciting isn't it? But then by April 25th I'm ready for it to be done :) Don't check in on every day if you don't have time, but come by on B (which I guess is in two days :)


  4. Well, girlfriend, you've lost 35 pounds ore this year than I have. I am quite miffed with myself for my broken commitments. sighhhh. If I had lost 33 pounds instead of gaining 2, I'd be in Onederland right now instead of in the dumps. :(

    Good job with your efforts, tho! Gives me hope.


  5. Hey, TBR. I just noticed the time stamp on your post. It says 6:25 AM Tuesday. This post didn't show up on my blog roll until after 10AM this morning. :o


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