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Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Musings

Dear Words with Friends Challenger:
Why do you challenge me to games you never finish?

Dear Facebook and Facebook games:
You take entirely too much of my time.  I am giving great thought to giving you up for a solid month.  March would be a good one for that, I do believe.

Dear Conservative Websites and Blogs:
If you’d stop making such a big deal out of what the liberals are saying, it would dry up and go away on its own.  However, you all can spin with the best of them, and you sure don't like to admit when you are wrong!

Dear Self:
You don't like to admit when you are wrong, either.

Dear Churches:
What is this trend of singing/worshiping with the lights dimmed?  

Dear Blogger Spellcheck:
Thank you for teaching me the preferred American way of spelling worshiping is with one "p" and the British usage is with two.

Dear Planters Nuts:
I need to remember that if your mixed nuts selections contain peanuts, all the nuts will taste like peanuts.

Dear Roscoe and Mr. Gibbs:
Stop staring and let me eat in peace!!

Water Valley Overlook, Natchez Trace Parkway
This is a sight I see most every February...on my way to Nashville to
celebrate my birthday.   I am hoping this year will be no different!


  1. You know, that dimming the lights thing--I hate that! It's like sitting in a cave. And with my poor vision, that means I'm nearly blind, so during the meet and greet, I can't recognize anyone. No faces there in the dark for me. :( And, then, I get all tragic about it.

    I mentioned my difficulty with the dim lights to a friend (as I was almost falling over her in the dark) and she said she liked it! Because no one could see you. :o Seriously? That's a good thing? hmph. That's our goal now? Worshipping incognito?

    Uh-hmm. Yes. As you can tell, it annoys me, too. :}

  2. Dimming the lights may encourage more offerings to pay the light bill...teasing.

    I hope to see the same part of the country one day.

  3. Actually I like the lights dimmed during worship :) My niece is really bad about starting Word with Friends games and then canceling or resigning from them. It frustrates me at times but I just go along with the flow since she's my niece, LOL :)

    Hoping it will be the same view for your birthday get away! Maybe good time to take more A/Z pictures :)


  4. I've not (yet) participated in any of Facebook's games -- I suppose only on account I've an addictive nature. As it is, I'm reluctant to let go of my phone unless in the shower or sound asleep - in case something 'happens' on FB and someone gets offended that I didn't comment. Pathetic, isn't it?

    I've not actually witnessed the lights dimming at the church we attend now and then, but it sounds rather gloomy. Plus, my poor hubs would doze off before the first 'amen'!


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