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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Six Word Saturday

 photo SWSWinterSpring_zpsdab39da7.jpg

Want to play along? 
All that's necessary to participate is to describe your life 
(or something) in a phrase using just six words.
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    1. Everything in life needs a "like" button. However...I really do have one...look at the very end of the post "Reactions."

  2. I think I would miss it if it was always the same season.

    1. Me, too. But I don't think I'd miss one this cold. I love the seasons.

  3. I LOVE your thermometer! :) I think we have a while to wait yet but the snowdrops are out.

  4. But winter just started :)


  5. Warm wishes, have a nice Saturday, thanks for dropping in at my blog

    much love...

  6. Here in Pennsylvania, it's 5 degrees. FIVE.

    So, to your post, BR, AMEN!!!!!

  7. It's Summer Down Under in Australia! Amazing what a Big World God created that we have to wait our turn to feel the Spring & Summer Warmth of the Sun! Keep all the Homeless, Elderly, Sick & Poor in your prayers! If you're able please donate coats, warm clothing, food & time to help out charities, churches, shelters & those in need directly. Remember people all over the world need help, kindness, clothing, shelter & food. A smile received from a kind face lifts up downtrodden spirits & is one of the best gifts of kindness you can give to another human being.
    God Bless, Victoria "y'all stay warm & flu free!!!!!"

  8. Not enough summer here yet (in Australia). Bring on sunshine; we've had almost non-stop rain.

  9. Enough of drought bring on winter!


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