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Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday Musings....

It's been a while....

Dear Church Member:
When the preacher says to shake hands and hug necks, if a person suddenly busies herself, ignoring everything around her, she most likely doesn’t like shaking hands and hugs from strangers.   Give her a smile and a wave and go on to the next victim person.   Definitely don’t “politely” stand over her patiently waiting for her to look up…she won’t like that. 

Dear Patience:
Yeah, I’m working on liking being grabbed by strangers or almost-strangers.  I gotta tell you…I really don’t see it happening.   I can love an overenthusiastic stranger from afar…or just a mere pew away. 

Dear Preacher:
Not everyone needs a hug.   Some folks don’t even like to be touched unless it’s by someone in their own tight little circle.   Even so, I am certain God can still use such a person.   Maybe they’ll write a blog or something.

Dear Clarity:
I’m friendly enough, and I try to be friendlier than I feel at times.  I’m not as anti-social or germophobic as some family members like to accuse me of, even if I do always have antibacterial on hand.  heheh

Dear College Chick:
Lately, I've ask this at least once a day to someone, though not out loud…Isn't your booty cold?  It’s not even 30° outside, and your lower half is only covered by a leotard (or tights or leggings, whatever your calling them these days).  When your shirt and jacket won’t cover your hiney…well…don’t you feel a draft back there?   Consider putting some breeches on!  What about a skirt?  A skirt would do.

Dear You-Who-Shall-Remain-Nameless:
One short visit to your Facebook page reminded me why I hid you from my “wall.”   Your posts quickly irritate.  You twist facts into a complex knot, and seemingly believe every liberal cartoon and headline you read.  I would unfriend you, but that might make things uncomfortable when we run into each other.

Dear Gina:
Happy Birthday, my beautiful sister! Words can’t tell what you mean to me.   Thank you for liking me, even when I’m not so easy to like.  (I think it’s the law that you have to love me regardless.)   When it comes to sisters, I have two of the best, and I am so thankful.   I hope this year brings you much joy and love, and I pray God blesses you in every way.  Much love, my sister, my friend.

birthday photo: B-DAY DOGGIE B-DAYDOGGIE.jpgbirthday photo:  4.gif


  1. As I read this, I remembered that I once had an aversion to hugging. I ca't remember how that changed.

    I was so bad that when the meet and greet happened at church I'd leave the sanctuary and go to the restroom!

    At any rate, now I'm a hugger. I have no idea how it happened.

    RE: those leggings. My grand-daughters walked in the other day wearing them. My mouth dropped open and I blurted out, "You went to school in just underwear?!" They laughed and assured me that it wasn't underwear and all the girls wore them. I assurrred them that they needed a skirt! :[

    BR, this country is skidding towards those handbaskets that are lined up and ready to go.


  2. Happy birthday to Gina!!! I'm not fond of lots of displays of affection during greeting time at church, especially during cold and flu season myself.


  3. Hi. I am enjoying your writing and thought process. Especially the line"maybe they'll write a blog or something." Well done.


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