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Friday, January 2, 2015

It's a Brand New Day...

Opryland Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee
I wonder how many new blogs were started yesterday (or how many neglected blogs were resurrected) to write about the hopes of losing weight?   How many of those will try again on Monday? 

I abstained from sugar yesterday,
and already it has enhanced my frame of mind.

I don’t plan to make Committed Thoughts a diet blog.   How do you like my new header, by the way?   Yeah, Christmas is over, I’m ready for Spring.  Something else new…I also did something I said I wouldn’t ever do again…I purchased my own domain name.   However, this time I didn’t purchase it through Google/Blogger.  I believe I can safely say “NEVER again” for that. 

Opryland Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee
 I digressed.

My goal for giving up sugar is…well, gaining control and losing weight…but that’s just a stepping stone to what I really want to desire:   To know Jesus Christ more and more, up close and personal.   Yes, you read that right:  I want to desire a closer relationship with Christ.   In the throes of a binge, you can forget who you serve, and food can become a god.  Doing what you know is right gets harder and harder, until it feels impossible to overcome the headfirst plunge into the pit.  

Such a state ain’t pretty, y’all.

Opryland Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee

The immediate goal for myself is to devote much more time to Him.  I am a procrastinator and time waster, but time is short.  I simply must become a better person, so my Step One, I think, will be to work on being less negative.  That will be an accomplishment, Friends.

Happy 2nd Day of the New Year!

UNA, Florence Alabama


  1. Happy second day to you, too!

    Getting thru that first day is such a relief, isn't it? For me, at least, I can fall into the whole "putting of the start" rationalizations. Lie the "starting Monday" that you mentioned.

    Once the child is born, it's harder to pretend the project isn't underway. :} That takes purposeful rebellion. (Of which I have proven to be adept.)

    Such a relief to enter Jan. 2 without shame. :D


  2. Oh. I love your new header. You are so talented. The 2014 Expectancy poster was magnificent, too. I meant to mention that yesterday.

    It's funny, I looked at my ticker this morning (A snowman in snow.) and thought it was "too wintery". Now, BR, down where you are, spring may be just around the corner, but we're in deep here for a couple more months. (We currently have a balmy 31 degrees outside.)

    I may adjust my ticker, tho, to reflect the feeling os Spring that's in my heart.

    1. We never can tell what we'll get (weather-wise) in the deep south. Last year was the longest winter I can remember. This year, I hope it's warm in February!

      Thanks for your comments on my header/poster. I wish I could make a living doing graphics. My dream job!

  3. I do like the new blog header. It is easy to let other things get in the way of our relationship with Jesus, like food, jobs, etc. It is wise to pursue him no matter the cost with other things.


  4. I love your new header. Happy 2nd day of the year to you, however by the time you read this it will be the 3rd day of the new year.

  5. Margaret is a very talented photographer also. Those are just pics of flowers. I got on my 'LL Bean & my Duluth Flannel jac & Stormy Kromer hat down here it's cold. The cows are cold.
    Actually, Christmas continues for one more week as the Holy journey of our Blessed Newborn Saviour Continues. The month of January is traditionally dedicated to the Holy Name of Jesus.
    Historically, this feast is associated with the Feast of Circumcision. According to Jewish law, on the 8th day after his birth a male child was circumcised, received his name, and became a full member of God's covenant people. The name 'Jesus' means 'God Saves' and was the Child's name given to Joseph by an Angel. Devotion to the most Holy Name of Jesus was popularized by St. Bernadine of Siena, a 15th century Franciscan monk, often symbolized by the monogram IHS (denoting the first three letters of the Greek name of Jesus). Today the Feast is celebrated on January 3rd.
    As a Saved Christian Catholic I ask this? Is it not better to love, worship, proclaim him as King of Kings and celebrate him as much as possible especially in a day were a secular atheistic & satanic society is trying to destroy our religious rights. These same people are trying to prevent non-Christians from learning of him. I will follow the Lord.

    "It is better to be a child of God than King of the whole world!" St. Aloysius Gonzaga

  6. Last year, my husband and I tried an online program called Fit Day to help us with our weight. It helps one figure out about how many calories one can eat per day and then helps one track calories eaten each day. It helped keep me accountable and now I use it just to ensure I maintain my weight loss.

    My goal for the year is more downtime, quiet time, alone time.... and as part of that, more time to sit in God's presence and read His words. :-) Our pastor even spoke recently in church about setting a goal of more reflective time with God.


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