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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tuesday's Thoughts...

Dear December:
Didn’t we just say goodbye to you?   Welcome back!

Dear Christmas:
I resolve to remember each and every day this month exactly Who you represent.  I have also decided to enjoy every day of December and not stress about the “small things.”  

Dear Jesus:
Thank you for my redemption…my mind doesn’t fully comprehend the mercy You showed us on Calvary. 

Dear Complaints:
I plan to use you less and less.   In fact, you may just go away, I don’t need you anymore!

Dear Gratitude:
Welcome to my life.  I’ve needed you for quite some time.  I pledge to water you and nourish you, you and let you grow like kudzu around my heart and soul.

Dear God:
I am deeply grateful for the Baby Jesus.  I appreciate so much You giving Your son for me.  I have no words to adequately thank You…but I do…thank You. 

Dear Early New Year Resolutions:
I resolve to be thankful every day, not just for the days in December, but every day for the rest of my life.   I wish to be more like Jesus.   I promise to endeavor to be less quick to judge and make unnecessary comments about others.


  1. So always enjoy your thoughts like this. I truly agree about gratitude. I need to embrace more of that and less complaint in the New Year. Why God loves us continues to baffle me as we truly are unlovable, but thankfully he sees us through Jesus which is the perfection of love.


  2. There's always something to be grateful for...no matter what is going on. O Holy Night is my favorite Christmas song. :D


  3. Oh! Love the new header. :D

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